Join us for a CyberParty in Our EPIPHANY Village!



FREE Shipping and FREE Gifts!

We’re having a CyberParty!


An EPIPHANY Conversation hosts a CyberParty this September

with rewards, one-day free shipping, and community service


When:  Saturday, September 6, 2014

Preview days – Thursday & Friday, August 28 & 29

Where:  An EPIPHANY Village 

(our virtual community at


Goal:  Shop & Support and if we reach our $2500 goal, "Little Brother has Class."

Help us reach our sales go and An EPIPHANY Conversation will donate a

Little Brother chapter and one in-person interactive media session each to TWO SCHOOLS. 

Put the team from the ground-breaking documentary series, Little Brother, to work and give educators 

a different perspective of young African American males!

We'll see you at our CyberParty! But you may start shopping now!

Spend $50 and receive a $15 gift item.

Be one of the First Ten customers to spend $100 and receive top services 

such as Virtual Personal Assistant, Business Coaching session, Online Cooking Class, 

Financial Consultation, Grocery Vouchers, Beauty Products and more! 

The First Customer to spend $350 receives a free "Read & Notes" session 

from a top writing coach.

Click here for a list of rewards.


Meet our $2500 goal and Little Brother has Class! Stores are open Now!


Shop now for EPIPHANY Inc. media, Zazzle and Mary Kay inventory, or provide a tax-deductible donation, and help us meet a $2500 sales goal by the time our CyberParty ends at 11:59pm, Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014. If we meet our goal, two schools will receive their copy of EPIPHANY Inc.’s documentary Little Brother in addition to a live interactive media presentation of “When Young Black Men Learn About Love”--for free. Let's meet our sales goal and send our Little Brother film team into the schools!

An EPIPHANY Conversation is the in-person and interactive dialogue accompanying EPIPHANY Inc. educational media. Click here to see what we've been up to.  

Mark the date for our CyberParty on Saturday, Sept 6, 2014, 

although you may begin shopping now to help us reach our $2500 goal!

The fiscally-sponsored EPIPHANY Conversation is funded by donations, contributions and portions of regular sales.  For your convenience, a section of An EPIPHANY Village is available online for year-round shopping, donations and support of our sponsors.

Join us for a one-day Cybersale with FREE SHIPPING (of Mary Kay beauty products only--and only to the areas of the U.S., and U.S. Territories).  Shopping hours:  12am - 11:59pm, Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014. 

Here are the four shopping links:

1)  Beauty Products for men and women - Click Here

2)  EPIPHANY Swag - Click Here

3) EPIPHANY Films from Third World Newsreel and Alexander Street Films (click on distributor names for links)

4)  Tax-Deductible donation to help us meet our $2500 goal - Click Here

The First 10 Customers to spend $100 receive a choice of free gifts and services - Click Here.

The First Customer to spend $350 receives a free session with a top writing coach - Click Here.

Sales of $50 or more receive a $15 gift item. 

Help us reach our $2500 goal and TWO SCHOOLS receive the "Little Brother has Class" package of an educational film and interactive in-person presentation from the Little Brother film team. We're changing the perception of African American boys across the country.

Click on the above links and shop 1)  Mary Kay gifts for women, men and teens, 2)  EPIPHANY Inc. swag at our Zazzle Store, 3) EPIPHANY Inc. films from our distributors or help us meet our sales goal by also 4) making a tax-deductible contribution leading up to or during our CyberParty.  Help us meet our goal by Saturday, September 6, 2014, by purchasing products or clicking on Donate Now and choosing An EPIPHANY Conversation at Fractured Atlas.

On Saturday, September 6, 2014 we're offering FREE SHIPPING on all Mary Kay products.  

FREE SHIPPING and $2500 in sales = FREE FILMS and INTERACTIVE FORUMS for two schools.  Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on September 6, 2014 only and receive the above rewards with the assigned spending amounts and help us donate to "Little Brother has Class." Learn more about our Little Brother film series and film team at

We are the award-winning filmmakers of the documentary series Little Brother, where young Black men across the United States talk about Love. Your participation in our CyberParty affords two schools each receiving a chapter of the Little Brother series as well as a visit from our film team conducting interactive media dialogues.  We offer media literacy to humanize the image of young Black males in the United States. In other words, Little Brother has Class.

Two preview days of our CyberParty/CyberSale are scheduled for Thursday and Friday, August 28 and 29th 

Purchases amounting to $50 or more, on preview days only, will receive a free item of $15 value (free lipstick, men's shaving products, and more!). No free shipping applies on preview days.  Purchases of $100 or more will also receive a $25 coupon toward sale items or products and services available from our sponsors (certain sponsors not included) listed in our EPIPHANY Village. Click here to see our sponsors.

Preview Days:  12am - 11:59pm, Thursday & Friday, August 28 & 29.

When shopping on preview days, no free shipping applies.


Sales goal:  $2,500 

Meeting our sales goal means two schools in the NYC Tri-State area will receive a free Little Brother educational film chapter for their media library and a free in-person interactive media presentation from the film team. Little Brother is known as “a conversation that will save a generation.” Let’s dialogue about the good in our little brothers, one classroom at a time.

Let's start shopping!


Click here for EPIPHANY Inc. Swag.  $40, $100 or $350 in sales are eligible for bonuses.

Thank you for helping An EPIPHANY Conversation serve the community and stay in production.  We look forward to you having a wonderful shopping experience and thank you in advance for your donations. No amount is too small. 


*  Donations-only contributions to Fractured Atlas are only tax-deductible without the free gift (for the more than $50 in sales) offer.


*  For a free gift of $15 value, $50 or more must be spent only in Mary Kay, Zazzle, EPIPHANY Inc. film distributors or a combination of Mary Kay, any EPIPHANY Village product site along with the Fractured Atlas donation.


* a Free Gift is also available if your name is drawn from those who used the Share or Retweet function to refer our EPIPHANY Village Cybersale.


*  Sales, or a combination of sales + tax-deductible donations, of $100 or more will receive a $25 coupon to EPIPHANY Inc. products, Mary Kay products, Zazzle gift items, EPIPHANY Inc. films, or the products and services of some of our EPIPHANY Inc. sponsors listed in our EPIPHANY Village. 


Shopping our sponsors on Cybersale days with accompanying Preview Days do not go toward the $2500 goal.  Only Mary Kay, Zazzle, EPIPHANY Inc. media and Fractured Atlas donations apply.


*  Free shipping and $10 gift items do not apply to the products and services of our sponsors.


*  Free shipping is only offered on one-day only on Mary Kay items, and is available for the U.S., and U.S. Territories only


Questions?  Please e-mail Nicole Franklin at 

with CyberParty in the subject line. Phone:  212-665-4418.