The development of new modelling approaches for the analysis of the spread of infectious diseases in modern societies is driven by an increasing necessity of predicting the impact of outbreaks of new emerging diseases. Some of these are reintroduced by migratory flows of animals and persons, while others emerge from the evolution of biological pathogens and, in our technological world, the evolution of computer viruses.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers in the field of epidemics with different backgrounds (mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, engineers, and biologists) to present current problems as well as potential avenues of future research in network epidemiology. Possible topics covered in the workshop are, among others: defining and characterizing robustness of networks, Internet epidemics, capturing human behaviour in epidemic modelling, outbreak analysis, and epidemics on metapopulations.

We wish to have a true exploratory workshop with discussions after each invited talk. We wish to have talks departing from, say, closed presentations about already published research. We think that this format will enrich the attendees and the other participants.

Organizers and invited speakers will be nearly half of the 40-50 participants in the workshop, and the remaining participants will be hopefully filled through open application from the scientific community.

The workshop is co-organized by the groups "Differential Equations, Modelling and Applications" (EDMA) and "Broadband Communications and Distributed Systems" (BCDS), both from the University of Girona (UdG). It has financial support from research projects of the Spanish and Catalan governments and from the Euler project of the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme.   

The event will take place at the Escola Politècnica Superior, Building "Edifici P-IV",  UdG - Campus de Montilivi.