Update: 08/30/09 Sunday

So never was getting lazy... But I'm back now... :D Expect updates at least more frequent than the last 2 weeks. I'm thinking every 3 days? I'll be making a schedule to keep myself from slacking.


Beta Up: 08/10/09 Monday

Doing minor tweaking to the site and fixing acexl's Gallery. Should be done by tonight!


Site started: 08/04/09 TUESDAY

Starting to build Home, Contact and Commissions pages. Goal to complete said pages and upload new pictures. Maybe start on the Gallery Page.

Cool Stuff

We'll be getting a table in Anime Evolution, Vancouver. So if you're here in Vancouver look out for us!

Our target is Anime Boston in April! Please wish us luck! We're hoping to get a table!

Anime North in Toronto is also a possible place we'll turn up, leave us a comment on what you think... Maybe I should put a poll up :D

Check out my friends comic she has really cute characters and of course funny story. Support!! (^3^)b click here
Side Projects

Beebee and Fraggles youtube channel! Watch rate and subscribe ;D


Did some reference pictures. YAY will be making a separate page for our manga, that we don't have a name for yet... >_>

Manga about the moon and water... Keep an eye out here for updates!!!

Never is also working on a comic strip for the site. Click here for more info.