Mastering EPIC Relationships

"There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than
knowing you are right next to the one you love.”

Mastering EPIC Relationships

What is the most meaningful relationship in your life?

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to create a divine connection with that person?

How would you like to step into your Divine being and call that out in another?

At Mastering EPIC Relationships you will:

- Discover how to empower and really listen to another

- Experience yourself in your Divine feminine and masculine

- Create a system to establish divine and fulfilling relationships

From left to right: Greg and Tamara Montana, Nadia Bishay and Stephen Buna

Steve and Nadia Buna along with Greg and Tamara Montana will be doing a two and a half day workshop.

These two couples are committed to seeing that your relationships are as divine and fulfilling as the ones they have created for themselves. They have been through the pain of not being able to communicate powerfully and beautifully with others and they will no longer tolerate the disconnection they see in the world.

Join them for this incredible weekend that is sure to breakdown your preconceptions of what a relationship is 'supposed' to look like and explore what a relationship can be!