Unlock Your Heart Virtue

What is a Heart Virtue?

Have you ever wondered to yourself, what am I doing here? Or what do I really want? Many of us have no clue as to what the answers to those questions are.

What would life be like if you suddenly had more than a clue? What if you got really clear about what's most meaningful to you?

Unlocking Your Heart Virtue is geared toward doing exactly that.

Your Heart Virtue is the one thing that you are most committed to. It is even more impactful than your core values. Your Heart Virtue is the one thing that you would be willing to risk your life for. When your Heart Virtue is being validated you experience an abundance of joy and love. When your Heart Virtue is being violated you become so enraged that you will not tolerate whatever situation you are in.

By Unlocking Your Heart Virtue it gives you greater understanding of yourself. The clearer you get about who you are, what you stand for and what is most meaningful to you the more powerful you become.

There are 3 key skills that every hero has mastered.

They know themselves and what they stand for;
they communicate powerfully and beautifully;
and they make a contribution to humanity

Unlocking Your Heart Virtue is step one!

As I am committed to Respect, Integrity and Confidence; I am passionate about empowering others to get really clear about who they are and what they stand for. Being a Heart Virtue expert allows me to do just that.

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Katy Perry's music video for her hit single "Fireworks" is a perfect example of Heart Virtues in action!