The Art of De-Bugging

What is De-Bugging?

Have you ever feel like something is holding you back? Or preventing you from moving forward?

Human beings operate in a similar fashion as computers. We have programs running in the background, we call this our conditioning. Some of our conditioning is very helpful and allows us to continue to grow, learn and move forward. While others are viruses, that eat away at us either holding us back or preventing us from moving forward.

The Art of De-Bugging is about discovering the various blocks that we have and through the use of muscle testing techniques and the revolutionary technology of the Wavemaker™ we are able to delete the blocks! This process requires your participation and willingness to really look at the blocks in your life AND let go of them.

De-Bugging the 12 Core Dynamics
Date: TBD

Hotel Cheribourg

Patterns have developed in our lives from when we were children. These patterns continue to affect us now. De-Bugging the 12 Core Dynamics provides a new language and structure for liberating yourself from the invisible chains these patterns are holding us with. What would it be like if these limiting patterns of energy were absent from your life?

You would have the following:

         Always trust & act on your intuition.
         Be free of the influence of the past & from concerns about the Future.
         Be totally present, living in the moment. NOW!
         Be free of Judgment!
         Be free from the grips of emotion!
         Feel everything & anything!
         Live in a state of unconditional love!
         Be in the flow with the laws of nature!
         Deep inner sense of peace & Equanimity!

$1600 tax incl.

We will begin at 9:00am on Saturday the 19th and complete at 5:00pm on Monday the 21st. Check-in for the hotel will be anytime after 4:00pm on Friday the 18th of May and check out will be Monday morning. We will have a storage space for all your luggage. 

REGISTER NOW and commit to transforming your life!

Keep an eye out on our CALENDAR for:

  • "Free-for-All" Evening De-Bug Sessions where we will work with whatever is coming up in the room. These session are 2.5 hours and cost $25.
  • De-Bug One Day Workshops each one will focus on a different specific topic. These will be full day workshops from 9:30am to 6:00pm and cost $147.