The purpose of this site is to document troubling employment contract issues surrounding Epic (Epic Systems Corporation) of Verona, Wisconsin. What I want to do here is create a resource for future, current, and former Epic employees as well as non-Epic employees working on Epic projects so that they are aware of what their employment situation is.

As far as I know here are the key points regarding Epic's employment restrictions:
  • Epic has had a variety of employment contracts over the years and the trend has been more restrictive terms and longer non-compete durations.
  • Epic has agreements with nearly all of their customers not to hire former Epic employees for periods of 6 to 12 months after their departure from Epic depending on their agreement with Epic.
  • Epic has agreements with partnered consulting companies not to hire former Epic employees for 12 months after their departure from Epic.
  • Epic has agreements with their customers not to hire implementation staff (these are non-Epic employees) from active implementations for some number of months.
A large part of reason why I put this site together was call attention to the various no-hire agreements. These catch a lot of people in the Epic space by surprise because Epic and the hospitals they work with don't generally tell you about the agreements they've made until you've already quit your previous job. The most disturbing aspect of these agreements is that while they can and do severely impact your ability to earn a living you have no say in these agreements.  This is wrong and I'd like to call attention to it so that you can make an informed decision about working for and with Epic. To that end, here is what I'd like from you: I would like additional information about Epic's agreements with their customers and partners as they relate to employment, Epic's tactics for enforcing these agreements, and your stories. Feel free to email me here or comment below.  While I will do everything in my power to guarantee confidentiality I would prefer that if you use email that you use an account that cannot be easily traced back to you and that you do not provide information for posting that can be used to easily identify you.
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