New Paltz Evoluitonary Psychology Lab

2018 Conference program here

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The New Paltz Evolutionary Psychology Lab, led by Dr. Glenn Geher, professor of psychology, has been conducting research on the evolution/behavior interface since 2000. A list of lab members (past and present) is found here and a list of publications of the lab is found here.

Organized largely by Glenn and members of his research team, EPIC conference are free andopen to the public. Speakers typically include current graduate students, undergraduate students, and a suite of alumni of the lab.

The EPIC conferences are designed as high-impact events that serve the following:
* Providing a forum for students and alumni to present their research.
* Providing a space for alumni and current students to connect, meet, and network.
* Providing a service to the broader community as a free-and-open-to-the-public event.
* Provide current students with a sense of what student-collaborative research looks like up-close - to help inspire them to go on to do similar work as they develop.