Pandu and Madri

I am glad to see you have made it back for another story of epic love! By this time, I have truly accepted the powers of this incredible book! Now, all I have to do is sit back and let the magical book take me to the story that it wants me to share with you all next. Seconds after I finished the words of the last story about Ahalya and Gautama, the pages of the book began to flip uncontrollably again and I waited for the next epic tale. As it began to slow, the title of the next story came into sight. It revealed that this story would be the unique love story between Madri and Pandu. This is what the magical book had to say about this special couple! Enjoy!

    Once upon a time there was a king named Pandu. One unique characteristic about King Pandu was that he had two wives. The first was named Kunti, who was the daughter of the King of Vrishni. The second was named Madri and she was the daughter of the King of Madra. One rather normal day, while Pandu was out hunting in the forest, his fate would take an unexpected turn. As he stared off into the forest, he saw what he thought were deer in the distance. He quickly grabbed his bow and shot an arrow in their direction. When he did this he killed his targets. However, he would soon find that they were in fact not deer but a sage and his wife. As the sage lay dying, he cursed Pandu with his last breath. He told Pandu that he would now die in the act of love-making with his next partner. Not only would Pandu die while making love but he would also cause death to the woman that he was making love to as well.

    King Pandu’s wives soon found out about the curse and that they would no longer be able to make love to their husband because he would not want to cause death to himself, much less to them. While Pandu greatly cared for both Kunti and Madri, there was something different about his relationship with Madri. It was obvious that he looked at her differently and they both shared that spark of true love. Pandu dreamed every day about making love to Madri but knew he never wanted to harm her. Besides, Madri was the mother of two of their boys who she could not leave behind. Madri had these feelings for Pandu as well and often times they both felt bad that their relationship was so much stronger and more passionate than Pandu’s relationship with Kunti. As the days passed, Pandu and Madri grew more in love even without the physical aspect of their relationship.

    One afternoon, the love that Pandu felt for Madri became too much to handle. Little did Pandu know, Madri was having the same aching feeling of love for him at the same time. Pandu could not help himself; he went to her room and asked her to join him on a walk into the forest. Madri said yes in an instant but knew that she would not be able to resist him if she had the chance. Their walk began to last longer than expected and they were soon deep into the forest. It all became too much for both of them to handle and Pandu and Madri were soon making love passionately in the depths of the forest. The same thoughts crossed both of their minds; if making love to their true love meant death then they would die and be together forever. This is precisely what happened. They both felt more love, passion and happiness in that moment than ever before.

    Hours later the two were found lying dead on the ground of the forest, handing hands and looking more peaceful than ever. They made the sacrifice together because they were that in love and now they would be together forever.

Author’s Note: This story strays from the original more than any of the stories that I have written so far. I chose to use that overall theme and story of the original but at the same time add many different details throughout. I think the biggest difference between my story and Narayan's Mahabharata is that I chose to have Madri die with Pandu in the act of making love. In the original, Pandu was the only one that was cursed and would die when he made love to his next partner. I chose to make both Pandu and the woman he is making love with, in this case Madri, die in this act. I think this really enhances the love story and shows that they were both willing to make that sacrifice for the other and in this moment. Also, I think it is more romantic that they both die in the act of making love instead of Madri later joining Pandu in the fire. In addition, I made many small changes and/or added details here and there to enhance the love story. I do not think that most of these details really change the overall idea of Narayan's Mahabharata but just alter it a bit! I hope you enjoyed it!
 Narayan, R. K. (1978). The Mahabharata: A Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic
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