London's community is a driving force behind Minigeddon, a fun, fast and furious way to play or learn Epic Armageddon by fighting scaled down battles. Since its creation in 2011 it has seen a steady increase in popularity around the world and spawned the annual tournament Battle of the Thames, held every November in London. 
The format gets frequently updated and expanded. If you like to contribute or playtest get in contact! 

Download a PDF of the rules below here. (Update: 12-11-2015) 

    • 1000 points 
      • 90cm x 120cm (not 180cm x 120cm)
        • Deploy 15cm into the short table edge
          • No corner deployment
            • From 4 to 6 pieces of terrain (not 8 to 12) 
              • Grand Tournament Scenario with the following changes: 
                • 1 Blitz as normal but only 1 Take and Hold objective (not 2)
                • Defend the flag – control the 2 objectives on your side (not 3) 
                • Take and Hold – control the objective on opponent's side that's not the Blitz
                • All other objectives are the same
              • Garrisons : Only 1 garrison formation may be placed on overwatch (not 2)
                • Rally tests: -1 to rally if enemy within 20cm (not 30cm) 

                ARMY COMPOSITION
                • 400 points total maximum for each formation 
                • No aircraft, neither from support or ally sections
                • No spaceships (including free planetfall and drop pods) 
                • No Avatar
                • No free Ork Warlord 
                • Imperial Guard retains 1 Commissar per 500 points
                • 350 point limitation on allies (rounded up from 333)

                OPTIONAL RULES
                • if there are two or more formations that are the most expensive, then only one will count for the Break Their Spirit objective. This should be decided during the 5 minute warm-up by the player in control of that army or in another mutually agreed way.
                • Rule "1.6.3 Retaining the Initiative" is not used. This also voids the Eldar Farsight rule entirely.

                NEW FORMATIONS
                (to make standard army lists easier to use in Minigeddon)
                • White Scars (Epic UK)
                  Terminator – Two terminator units and two land raider units - 350 pts
                • Steel Legion (Epic UK)
                  Steel Legion Super-heavy Tank Company – Two Baneblades or Shadowswords, or any combination of the two - 350 pts
                  Steel Legion Tank Company – 6 Leman Russes - 400 pts
                  Steel Legion Artillery Company – Five Artillery units chosen from the following list: Basilisk, Manticore - 350 pts
                • Siege Regiment (Epic UK)
                  Siege Regiment Artillery Company – Eight Gotterdamerung Howitzers, plus eight gun emplacements or eight Bruennhilde transport - 400 pts
                • Eldar various (Epic UK)
                  Revenant – One Revenant Titan - 350 pts instead of 2 for 650
                • Fir Iolarion (NetEA)
                  Revenant cost increased to 350 pts
                • Biel-Tan Eldar (Epic UK)
                  Mounted Aspect Warhost – Six Aspect Warrior from the following: Dire Avengers, Striking Scorpions, Howling Banshees, Fire Dragons, Dark Reapers and three Wave Serpents – 400 pts
                • Vanaheim Air Cavalry (Epic UK)
                  (replacing the regular Air Cav Comp)
                  Air Cavalry Company - 1 Vanaheim Commander, 5 Vanaheim Infantry, 2 Valkyries, 1 Vendetta. Any Valkyries can be replaced with a Vendetta at no extra points cost - 250 pts
                • Knights (Epic UK)
                  Knight Household down to 400 points for 5 Paladins - no upgrades possible.
                  Baron Retinue too expensive for minigeddon.
                • Yme-Loc (Epic UK)
                  Engines of Vaul Warhost - 1 cobra for 225 (can be replaced with a Scorpion or a Storm Serpent as normal)
                • Death Korps of Krieg (Epic UK)
                  Infantry company now costs 225 and has: Death Korps Commander, 14 Death Korps Infantry units. This allows the 2 Gorgon upgrade to still keep it in the 400 point limit.
                  Warhound pack down to 1 WE for 275pts
                • Minervan Legion (NetEA)
                  Tank Company - 280 points for 6 Leman Russ variants, with the same upgrade costs as listed. This allows 6 Leman Russes for 400 points, like Steel Legion, etc. May include 0-1 rare Leman Russ variants.
                  Super-Heavy Tank Company - 2 super heavy tanks for 350 points.
                  Self-Propelled Artillery Company - 5 artillery pieces for 350 points.