a fun, fast and furious way to play and learn Epic Armageddon by fighting scaled down battles. 

Download PDF of these rules here.

    • 1000 points 
      • 80cm x 120cm (not 180cm x 120cm)
        • Deploy 15cms into the short table edge
          • No corner deployment
            • From 4 to 6 pieces of terrain (not 8 to 12) 
              • Grand Tournament Scenario with the following changes: 
                • 1 Blitz as normal but only 1 Take and Hold objective (not 2)
                • Defend the flag – control the 2 objectives on your side (not 3) 
                • Take and Hold – control the objective on opponent's side that's not the Blitz
                • All other objectives are the same
              • Garrisons : Only 1 garrison formation may be placed on overwatch (not 2)
                • Rally tests: -1 to rally if enemy within 20cm (not 30cm) 
                ARMY COMPOSITION
                • 400 points maximum for each formation 
                • No aircraft
                • No space units (including free planetfall and drop pods) 
                • No Avatar
                • Imperial Guard armies get only 2 Commissars
                • 350 point limitation on allies (rounded up from 333)
                OPTIONAL RULES
                • if there are two or more formations that are the most expensive, then only one will count for the Break Their Spirit objective. This should be decided during the 5 minute warm-up by the player in control of that army or in another mutually agreed way.
                • Rule "1.6.3 Retaining the Initiative" is not used. This also voids the Eldar Farsight rule entirely.
                NEW FORMATIONS
                (to make standard army lists easier to use in minigeddon)
                • All Ork lists lose free Ork Warlord
                • White Scars (Epic UK)
                  Terminator – Two terminator units and two land raider units - 350 pts
                • Steel Legion (Epic UK)
                  Steel Legion Super-heavy Tank Company – Two Baneblades or Shadowswords, or any combination of the two - 350 pts
                  Steel Legion Tank Company – 6 Leman Russes - 400 pts
                  Steel Legion Artillery Company – Five Artillery units chosen from the following list: Basilisk, Manticore - 350 pts
                • Siege Regiment (Epic UK)
                  Siege Regiment Artillery Company – Eight Gotterdamerung Howitzers, plus eight gun emplacements or eight Bruennhilde transport - 400 pts
                • Eldar various (Epic UK)
                  Revenant – One Revenant Titan - 350 pts instead of 2 for 650
                • Fir Iolarion (NetEA)
                  Revenant cost increased to 350 pts
                • Biel-Tan Eldar (Epic UK)
                  Mounted Aspect Warhost – Six Aspect Warrior from the following: Dire Avengers, Striking Scorpions, Howling Banshees, Fire Dragons, Dark Reapers and three Wave Serpents – 400 pts
                • Vanaheim Air Cavalry (Epic UK)
                  (replacing the regular Air Cav Comp)
                  Air Cavalry Company - 1 Vanaheim Commander, 5 Vanaheim Infantry, 2 Valkyries, 1 Vendetta. Any Valkyries can be replaced with a Vendetta at no extra points cost - 250 pts
                • Knights (Epic UK)
                  Knight Household down to 400 points for 5 Paladins - no upgrades possible.
                  Baron Retinue too expensive for minigeddon.
                • Yme-Loc (Epic UK)
                  Engines of Vaul Warhost - 1 cobra for 225 (can be replaced with a Scorpion or a Storm Serpent as normal)
                • Death Korps of Krieg (Epic UK)
                  Infantry company now costs 225 and has: Death Korps Commander, 14 Death Korps Infantry units. This allows the 2 Gorgon upgrade to still keep it in the 400 point limit.
                  Warhound pack down to 1 WE for 275pts
                • Minervan Legion (NetEA)
                  Tank Company - 280 points for 6 Leman Russ variants, with the same upgrade costs as listed. This allows 6 Leman Russes for 400 points, like Steel Legion, etc. May include 0-1 rare Leman Russ variants.
                  Super-Heavy Tank Company - 2 super heavy tanks for 350 points.
                  Self-Propelled Artillery Company - 5 artillery pieces for 350 points.