Epic Armageddon and Epic 40000 Site - Last Updated 19th March 2012

Hello and welcome to my site, constructed quickly and easily thanks to Google. It's a few years old, and running out of space, so I've added a new Epic blog which will be more regularly updated. This site is all about Epic, which is a tabletop miniatures wargame (see the link down the bottom on the left if you don't know what that means). The game is set in Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 Universe, which essentially takes the cultural archetypes established by writers such as J.R.R Tolkien, and places them into a science fiction setting 38,000 years into our own future. Space faring Humans meet Space Orks, Space Elves (Eldar), and Chaotic Entities. Added to this mix are the bio-engineering Tyranids, which have similarities to the generic 'alien' archetype, from sources such as 'Starship Troopers', and the 'Alien' series of movies.

In the Epic 40,000 universe most Humans live in an age darkness and ignorance, praying to the God Emperor of their techno-theocratic Imperium, while Inquisitors hunt down any who deviate from his righteousness. The Orks are barbaric savages who live for endless war and conquest. The Eldar are an ancient race fallen from greatness, now xenophobic and few in number.  Chaos are nightmares given substance as they warp into the material universe, and Tyranids are 'The Great Devourer' that assimilates all in its path.  A recent addition to the galaxy is the Tau - a young and optimistic race, driven by a philosophy they call 'The Greater Good'. Needless to say, all these different beings have a difficult time getting along, so it makes a good background for the wargaming...  On the left are links to Wikipedia pages that have more more detailed background information on the 40k universe races.  ____________________________________________________________

The current edition of Epic and the one my group plays is Epic Armageddon (4th edition). The 2008 edition Epic Armageddon Handbook is the current set of revised rules my own play group is using, together with a range of fan rules from the Army List Resource Page (links on left). I also keep an eye on rule developments by the Epic Rules Committee (ERC) at the excellent  EPIComms forum. ArmyForge is an excellent online army builder made by a fellow Epic Armageddon Fan, very intuitive and easy to use in your rowser Window. Epic Miniatures are available for purchase from Specialist Games and Forge World.  The Battle Reports section has a series of game reports.    ____________________________________________________________

Warhammer Epic 40,000 (3rd edtion) is the edition of Epic released prior to Epic Armageddon. We played this for several years until the release of Epic Armageddon. I've included some resources we used for that system in the links at left. _____________________________________________________________

I hope you enjoy browsing the site. Long Live Epic!