Welcome to the Ephrata Valley Railroad, a freelanced HO-Scale DC layout set in the Autumn season during the late 1950's - early 1970's. The main inspiration behind much of the scenery is at large taken from the Pennsylvania countryside, with many structures on the layout purposefully named after specific towns in PA. A variety of railroads rule the rails of the Ephrata Valley Railroad, with a majority of the rolling stock and locomotives being made by Tyco, while many vehicles and structures are Plasticville or Tyco types. This website documents the many additions made to the layout, as there's never an end to improvement. Please enjoy your visit!

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Fall/Winter 2018 article "TYCO-FUSION" released under "Model railroading resources" page: 10/20/18     Enjoy!

About me:

My name is Robert Putnick, and I am a teenage modeler in both HO-Scale and N-Scale. I began working on this layout when I was a Freshman in High School, completing 1 free-lanced layout prior in N-Scale (which has since been dismantled), and afterwards my present N-Scale layout, the Horseshoe Curve Branch Line. Model railroading is my main hobby, but I also enjoy serious Lego modeling, photography, and free-writing. Besides being a member of the Philadelphia Division of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA), I am a self-published author with 3 novels, 1 children's book, and 1 railroad book entitled Pennsylvania RR Sharks: A Pictorial currently available. 

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Layout Overview

There is a main line and also an inner line that both meet up at the Schuylkill Valley Station. From there, the main line travels north past the town of Ephrata, overpasses the R.W.P. Building Supplies Company, passes the Hanover Water Tower, and then arrives back at the station. The inner line, when it leaves Schuylkill Valley Station, travels south past the York Sawmill & Lumber Co., the Ephrata Coal Co., and then past Nazareth Crossing before reaching the station once more.


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