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Pizza Fundraiser for Hershey Trip

posted Jan 7, 2011, 9:41 AM by stgmusic1

Parents and Students

Next week I will be handing out paperwork for Gianni’s Pizza kit sale. The purpose of this fundraiser is to help families offset the cost of the Hershey park Trip on May 20, 2011. The students will receive 100% of the profit they earn towards the trip..none will go to the band program. I really encourage students to participate to help with the cost of the trip. Of course this is completely optional and it is up to each family to decide if they are going to participate. Please ask your students for the forms next week. I have posted on the band web site the spreadsheet for the sub sale that we did and the fall so that you can see what you currently have earned towards the trip.



The philosophy of this trip is first and foremost to have fun. However, I feel it is important for students to experience an adjudicated contest where they will be exposed to critiques of other music professionals. This trip will also give us a goal to strive for.

            The cost per student for this trip is $85.00. This is an increase from last year due to more expensive bussing costs. The price includes a ticket into the park , a patch for participation , all transportation and a catered meal. The meal is something that was added in the last 4 years after many parents expressed that they liked the idea.  The meal will be served from approximately 1:00 pm  -4:00 pm in the afternoon in the catered area of the park.  The students can enter as many times as they wish between the times and  it is all you can eat. They offer a wide variety of choices. This is an excellent deal, because as many of you know food is very expensive at the park. This way the students can eat as much as they like and as many times in the 1:00 pm–4:00 pm time period.

This is a breakdown of the costs:


·         $71.00 for Hershey park ticket, Festival and Meal in the Park (Regular price at the park  ages 9-54=$53.95 just for the Hershey park ticket)

·         $14.00 for bussing fee

            To make this easier we will divide this into two payments. The first payment of $42.50will be February 9, 2011.