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Welcome to MSP Third Session!

You can use this webpage to find all your classwork! Just click the side links to navigate.

Rules of the Classroom
1. Have Fun
2. If you are struggling ask your neighbor for help or the TAs
3. Offer your neighbor help!
4. Comment, Comment, comment! There's nothing worse than unreadable code

Course Information

  • First Week of class: July 24th-July 27th


  • Soja-Marie Morgens,

Teaching Assistants

  • Eric Showers,
  • Wesley Mitchell,
  • Kevin Tong,

Course Description

This course will introduce students to the concepts of app development, game design, robotics, and artificial Intelligence through basic programming and mathematics. The first part of the course will deal with game states, collision detection, and fundamental game mechanics. The robotics segment will include programming with the LEGO MindStorms Robotics Invention System. The course will give a simplified and general overview of game design and robotics with emphasis on real world practices and applications. Students will journal their exploration with focus on their personal interests, propose and build a final team project, and give a final presentation with live demo.

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  • Processing
  • Java
  • Lejos

Resources for Code

Resources for the Web


Book: Getting Started with Processing, By Casey Reas, Ben Fry