Uncle-Share: Annotation-Based Access Control

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Uncle-Share is a platform that enables you to share the resources (URLs/URIs) that you own with the people that you know based on the "annotation" mechanism. Uncle-Share enhances D-FOAF which is an access control mechanism based on different granularities of “knows” relationship within FOAF ontology.

Here is an example: You can annotate a person that is connected to you as “supervisor”; In this case, all resources that belong to you and have been annotated as “supervisor” are automatically accessible to the person that you have tagged as “supervisor”. So simple!

Uncle-share is supported by the Ecospace project. It uses Sesame 2.0, Apache CXF and Apache Tomcat. It benefits from RELATIONSHIP: A vocabulary for describing relationships between people. There is no complete software :-), please report bugs here (under issues). Thanks.

Contact: Peyman Nasirifard, Vassilios Peristeras

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