1. Selection - Satisfy yourself that you like the style of work produced by Epeios. Do this by examining past works shown on this website, visiting the Epeios workshop and touching  examples of work.

2. Design - Discuss a potential commission with Epeios and ask for design ideas. Epeios is always happy to provide these.

3. Quote - If think that Epeios is able to meet your requirements ask for a quote. Depending on the complexity this may require the preparation of any detailed drawing for which small charge may be made, refundable against the final cost.  Copyright of any item remains with Epeios.

4. Order - The quote will, provide a drawing, specify materials and finish and make clear the cost and expected delivery date.  A deposit, is payable at the time of placing an order. No VAT is payable.

5. Progress - The Client is welcome to visit the Epeios workshop to follow progress.

6. Delivery - The Client will be called to arrange a time for delivery.

7. Enjoy - We are confident that you will gain pleasure from the process and the item you commission from Epeios.