How to contribute to the MOOC!

  1. Discuss content and advise the design group
  2. Provide content, resources and materials that are copyright free
  3. Participate in the first EP MOOC
  4. Facilitate an online webinar for any topic
  5. Contribute some voice files for our Radio EpCoP
  6. Become a mentor for groups of MOOC participants
  • Join the EpCoP conversations and post in the MOOC forum
  • Request writer permission to this learnspace (email) and add to Resource Kit
  • Add your name to the EP MOOC register and join the Ning Network
  • Email and provide an abstract of your webinar
  • Create a short audio file on any eportfolio related topic and send as an .mp3 or upload to a podcasting site online and send us the link
  • Contact the design team details in the Contact Us page
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