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Massive Open Online Course

What is the MOOC all about?

The epcop_learnspace is an example of a MOOC - Massive Open Online Course. You can participate in this distributed MOOC that focusses on eportfolios to:

  • gain an overview of what eportfolios are all about
  • discuss concepts of eportfolios with other participants at any time and in real time
  • practice the process of building an eportfolio for specific purposes
  • access and harvest resources shared by participants and facilitators
There are many other MOOC dabblers out there, and many different voices talking about them. Check out these!

George Siemens and his team have begun a 'mother of all MOOC's' and has this to say about it in elearnspace blog:

... we decided this could be a great learning experience and a great research opportunity. Dave Cormier – never someone to say no to a loopy idea – accepted our invitation to help coordinate the course. We have an *outstanding* list of presenters and facilitators who have been asked to “share your best thinking and research on a topic that you’re passionate about”. The draft schedule is available here.

In the Chronicle this week we see a burgeoning
number of educators are giving that idea a try by offering free “massive open online courses,” or MOOC’s, to anyone who wants to learn. ...

Stephen Downes recently posted this in Stephen's Web:

Updating the discussion on MOOCs following the Chronicle article earlier this week: David Wiley reponds to say he is not totally opposed to MOOCs, thinks they're a good idea, but would not recommend them for everyone. "Research has shown time and again that the less well prepared a person is academically, the more supportive structure they need as they begin their intellectual foray into the area."

David Wiley says:

1. Do I think MOOCs can be effective in supporting learning?

Yes, absolutely. The MOOC is not terribly different from the learning I saw occurring in “Online Self-Organizing Social Systems” a decade ago, which we published an article about in 2002. I thought the possibility for informal learning in these settings was intriguing then. Add the new “Web 2.0 / social media revolution” that has happened since the article was published into the mix, and it’s downright exciting.

How can I see more about MOOCs?

This video provides an Overview of a MOOC.

This video provides some tips on Success in a MOOC.

This is another one of Dave Cormiers videos.