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Design Team:

We are a small group of enthusiastic eportfolio practitioners

 Name      Email  Skype
 Carole McCulloch
coachcarole2012(at)gmail.com  coach.carole

 Junita Lyon
j55lyon (at) tadaust.org.au  Junita Anne Lyon 

 Sandra Stewart
rockycreek (at) hotkey.net.au  marndon 

 Pauline Wilson
paulinemareewilson (at) gmail.com  paulinemw1 

 Allison Miller
Allison.Miller (at) tafesa.edu.au
 Allison Miller 

Design Team Meetings and Reports:

We will be reporting on the progress of the EpCoP MOOC at this blog.

We meet regularly in Blackboard Collaborate or Skype to discuss our progress and facilitate the MOOC. These meetings are scheduled for 5 pm on Monday evenings.

Our weekly webinars will be held on Tuesdays at 11 am Sydney time.