Level 5 Quests

Sharing and Showcasing

Remember your
Mission is to: Determine how you will engage in reflective practice.
  1. Listen to stories
  2. Reflect on your learning
  3. Upload artefacts
  4. Attend a webinar
  5. Fine tune your E-portfolio
  6. Share with a group
  7. Invite feedback
  1. Access and listen to the learner contributions about reflecting and sharing in Radio EpCoP Episode 5.

  2. Prepare a suite of deep reflections about selected learning sequences or assets/artefacts in your e-portfolio.

  3. Discuss with an action partner, follow a template or upload your artefacts to your e-portfolio and showcase to your own design.

  4. Attend webinar: Wednesday August 31st 8pm
    How do you gather evidence for an e-portfolio?  Guest presenters: Dave Waller and David Sowden  My Showcase, UK
    Discussion on implementing an eportfolio for project teams.

  5. Collect relevant resources from the Resource Kit on how to showcase your e-portfolio effectively, and fine-tune your e-portfolio with meaningful reflections.

  6. Share your e-portfolio with your group and/or create a public URL to share your blog.

  7. Publish an article in your blog about your new e-portfolio being available for viewing, then monitor and respond to feedback in comments to your blog.
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