Level 6 Quests

Building and reflecting

Remember your
Mission is to: Decide on who to share your e-portfolio with and refine your collections.
  1. Access templates and support documents
  2. Participate in a discussion forum
  3. Prepare a blog article
  4. Listen to reflective practice podcasts
  5. Do some reflection exercises
  6. Prepare a shareable view of artefacts and reflections
  7. Attend a webinar
  1. Collect and read relevant templates or instructions for preparing your e-portfolio for sharing: eg. How to create views and collections in Mahara; or How to share with a group in Mahara or How to provide a public view of your PebblePad.

  2. Join in the discussion at the Epcop community about 'symphonic lifelong e-portfolios' and the impact they have on personal professional development.

  3. Write a blog article about getting ready to share your e-portfolio based on your research into three streams: lifelong learning, current learning experiences and assessment, collections for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

  4. Listen to Radio EpCoP Episode 6 and collect shared ideas on Reflective Practice.

  5. Practice your reflective writing to share with the group, in particular include your own insights into cultural differences perceived, and invite comments on your blog. You may also wish to discuss this aspect of your reflections in the Level Six Forum in the Ning network community.

  6. Add a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed to your blog into your e-portfolio and prepare a view of your e-portfolio for sharing.

  7. Participate in an Elluminate webinar on Tuesday September 13 at 11 am, in which we invite Guest Presenters: Jenny Ryan, to talk about the VUMI, eportfolio system and Ian Smissen to talk about Desire2Learn.
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