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Decide where you will create your e-portfolio (systems)

What are your choices of E-portfolio systems?

Generally you can only get access to an E-portfolio system if you have an account with the provider or if you are a learner in an organisation that uses that system. In this MOOC we suggest that you try out one or more of these popular e-portfolio systems:

Mahara, Foliospaces, PebblePad or Digication

You may wish to choose one of these e-portfolio system 'free' spaces to experiment with:
Here's a few examples of the systems in use in various educational settings:
  • In Victoria, some of the TAFE and ACE institutes use the Moodle and Mahara services from eWorks which enables teachers and learners access to a linked system accessible with one login.
  • In the Queensland University of Technology learners have access to the QUT designed e-portfolio system.
  • Flinders University, LaTrobe University and Victoria University all use PebblePad.
  • At the Tasmanian Polytechnic learners have access to Mahara for their e-portfolios.
  • Learners at the Western Sydney TAFE, Hairdressing School, have access to FolioSpaces for their e-portfolios.
  • Learners at La Guardia Community College in New York, USA, have access to Digication as their eportfolio system.
These are just a few of the commercial eportfolio systems available; if you'd like to know more we recommend a visit to the EpCalifornia site for a list of available systems.

What do the practitioners say about eportfolio systems?


e-Skills, SA, says this about e-Skills Mahara:

e-Skills E-portfolios is a fully featured electronic portfolio, weblog, resume builder and social networking system, connecting users and creating online communities by providing you with the tools to set up a personal learning and development environment.


PebblePad says this about their personal learning system:

PebblePad is much more than an eportfolio. It is a Personal
Learning System being used in learning contexts as diverse as
schools, colleges, universities and professional bodies; by
learners, teachers and assessors; for PDP, CPD and L&T.

PebblePad provide this introductory video to show you how to use the system effectively. Their byline is ... not just an eportfolio so it will be useful to hear from others who use PebblePad.

Sandra Stewart says this about PebblePad: PebblePad interview


Ian Knox says this about Foliospaces in the Foliospaces blog:

At last the long awaited Mahara 1.4 is here. Release candidate 1.4 is now available. We have a test install, but will probably wait for a month or so before we upgrade FolioSpaces as there are sure to be bugs. I have had a quick play, and some of the new features look great. Usability and navigation has been simplified which should make it much easier for new users to get started.


eFolioWorld provides this informative video on the way in which eFolios transform Accreditation processes in Metropolitan State University.

Ray Tolley says this about eFolios in his eFolio in the UK and Europe blog:

The fact that most of the e-Portfolio systems are still an embedded part of the institutions' delivery is a serious cause for concern and fundamental to issues of portability and student 'ownership'. One emergent problem is that of security, whereby assessors could remotely gain access to parts of the VLE which was not necessarily part of a student's e-Portfolio. Similarly, (an old 'hobby-horse' of mine) there is some discussion about using different e-Portfolios for different purposes, whereas I would suggest that a good e-Portfolio system such as eFolio can deliver different 'views' to different audiences, concurrently, using much of the same content for different purposes. (Ray Tolley 2009)


J. Elizabeth Clark provides this presentation about how E-portfolios enables a smooth transition from and to La Guardia Community College.

The Fragile Dream: ePortfolio, At-Risk Students, and College Success

Presenter(s):  J. Elizabeth Clark, Professor of English, LaGuardia Community College City University of New York

Description: For students who are seemingly at-risk at every level – academically, economically, socially, and culturally – higher education can seem like an endlessly imposing chain-link fence with no entrance. ePortfolio and digital authorship have played a key role at LaGuardia Community College in helping students transition from gatekeeper courses into their major area of study. Their ePortfolios serve as roadmap, record, and traveling curriculum vitae, following students from course to course and charting their journeys. And now it has also begun to serve as a passport, when students transfer to a 4-year college. What does it look like to create an ePortfolio program for every student, even the most academically underprepared student, and to shape their educational experiences using ePortfolio as a critical point of access into the world of higher education?

Video instructions for Eportfolio systems

ePortfolio (Mahara) Introduction (TAS Polytechnic)

How to set up a webfolio in the pebblepad environment

Digication e-Portfolio Introduction

Creating a Course ePortfolio on Digication

Slideshare instructions for Eportfolio systems Starting with eFolio

View more presentations from Maximise ICT Ltd

Advice on selecting an eportfolio system

This Slideshare presentation from the Australian Catholic University Eportfolio project, by Rebecca Wilson, shares the process and criteria they used to select an eportfolio system for their students at ACU.
Note: The full script is available in slideshare.
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