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Level 2 Quests

Getting Savvy

Remember your
Mission is to: Determine the purpose of your eportfolio
  1. View some videos
  2. Join a discussion forum
  3. Participate in a webinar
  4. Read some blogs
  5. Create and share your e-portfolio plan
  6. Do some further research
  7. Listen to podcasts
  8. Post in your blog

  1. View Dr Helen Barrett's: Blurring the Boundaries video and Graham Attwell's: E-portfolio Development and Implementation video

  2. Add your comments about these questions in the Network forum for Topic 2 Why?
    What is your purpose in keeping an e-portfolio?
    What impact will technology, social networking and reflection have on you in your learning?

  3. Attend the upcoming webinars on E-portfolio Impact and Purpose : August 9 11am Tuesday at the Australia e-Series Blackboard Collaborate room - see World Clock

  4. Read the listed blog articles and gather points of view on why we keep e-portfolios.
    Dithering about eportfolio - A Why? Case Study by Sarah Stewart
    Independent learning - A Why? perspective by Ray Tolley

  5. Create a planning document that displays the purpose of your e-portfolio and share it with your group in the network. View sample templates from the E-portfolios Gallery.

  6. Visit the AFLF resource bank at E-portfolios and select further resources for sharing with your group.

  7. Listen to practitioners on 'Why we keep e-portfolios.' (Listen to Radio EpCoP Episode 2 for latest podcasts)

  8. Summarise your activities this week and post to your blog - include links to your preferred resources.
    Note: read these helpful hints for effective blog posts