MOOC Scoop Edition 2

Why do we use Eportfolios?

You can collect your copy of the MOOC Scoop Edition 2 from the attachments below. In this edition we focus on the Why?

Recently we did a collaborative gathering of 'reasons why we need eportfolios' at the EpCoP Conversations. A compilation of the responses is also available here as an attachment.

Why do we NOT use Eportfolios? - online debate

Some interesting debate online recently brought forward some dissenting views on eportfolios. Donald Clark has this to say about:
eportfolios: 7 reasons why I don't want my life in a shoebox.

Ray Tolley counters this with his post in the Efolio in the UK and Europe blog about Shoebox Thinking.

Then Ed Techie posted this viewpoint in his blog post called Eportfolios J'accuse to add even more to the debate.