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Choose one of the listed blog tools to create your reflective blog for the MOOC experiences. Alternatively choose your own blog by doing your research at this WeblogMatrix.

We will add links to your blogs in the right hand column of this page. Please contact us and provide a link to your blog address. For now we will add them as they come in and rearrange in alphabetical order later.

Please be sure to visit a few of these on your journey and leave some comments. We have aggregated these into a NetVibes collection for your convenience.

    Participant Blogs shared so far:

    1. Coach Carole  and
    2. Manjit Bhamral
    3. Simon Pankhurst
    4. Ian Hall
    5. Wafa M Nichols
    6. Rebekah Brown
    7. Sandra Stewart
    8. Kaye Widdowson
    9. Alicia Boyle
    10. Angela Tapa
    11. Jenni Parker
    12. Rowan Peter (alias Ryan Peterovski)
    13. Penny Bentley
    14. Fiona Ross
    15. Isabelle Nicot
    16. Gayle Webster
    17. Jan Ferguson
    18. Pauline Roberts
    19. Denise Joy Marron
    20. Junita Lyon
    21. Pauline Wilson
    22. Liz Diamond
    23. Lynne Gibb
    24. Paul Rawlinson
    25. Daniel Spielmann
    26. Liz Grigg
    27. Participant name Participant blog
    28. Participant name Participant blog
    29. Participant name Participant blog
    30. Participant name Participant blog
    Coach Carole,
    Jun 14, 2011, 10:40 PM