Level 1 Quests

Getting Organised

Remember your
Mission is to: Establish your own understanding of eportfolios.

  1. Commit some time
  2. Set up a blog
  3. Attend a webinar
  4. Do some reading
  5. Do some listening
  6. Create a personal plan
  7. Introduce yourself
  8. Do some networking
  9. Have fun!
  1. Register and get some support for your time - throughout this course (You may prefer to work in small groups if involved in projects)

  2. Create your own blog to reflect on your own learning in this MOOC (choose your own - see the Bloggers Gallery) or if you are working at an institution that already has an e-portfolio platform with a blog included feel free to use this.

  3. Join us at the MOOC webinar for Level 1 at the Australia e-Series Elluminate room -  (11am Tuesday 9 August  - see World Clock for time zones)

  4. Collect and read the items in the Resource Kit, Topic 1 folder (Read these great descriptions at  Eportfolios for All)

  5. Listen to 'stories' from e-portfolio leaders (Listen to Radio EpCoP Episode 1 for latest podcasts and learn how e-portfolios are defined by those that use them differently)

  6. Begin mapping your journey into e-portfolios (Use pen, paper, texta and scanning, or whiteboard initially. Then try an online tool such as Spicynodes - see Coach Carole's example)

  7. Join the EpCoP MOOC Network forum and introduce yourself, share your expectations of the course  and get to know one another in the discussion topic - Orientation.

  8. Become part of our extended  MOOC communities for introductions to  learning networks that can help you develop your e-portfolio (Join the forum conversations in our support network and add your questions or comments about e-portfolios in the discussion topic - What?)

  9. "Have Fun"  learning and sharing (familiarise yourself with the MOOC language in the Glossary:
    Mission, Quest, Challenge, Action Plans, Badges)

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