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Do you want to know all about eportfolios?

Then join us here in this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and experience the What, Why, How, Where, So What, Now What and Then What of creating and reflecting in Eportfolios!

The learnspace is a library, a resource kit, a gallery, a classroom, and a communication portal - a space for participants to learn collaboratively about Eportfolios.

The learnspace has also provided a space for the EpCoP design team to discuss, select and gather relevant resources, activities, communications and networks that are structured to help practitioners to build an awareness of the power of Eportfolios and to develop the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for:

VET practitioners developing a professional e-portfolio to support their CPD needs
(eg industry and professional currency)

How to navigate in here?

The side bar on the right contains all of the links to the pages of suggested activities and resources for each topic that you need for the exploration of e-portfolios based on our model. Some activities have more than one page attached to them; be sure to click the arrows next to each to expand the menu.

Visit the MOOC Planning Visuals page for more details about our model.

Head over to the Course Overview first and see what this MOOC has in store for you. Then click the Register Here link above and you're in. Next complete the Eportfolio Skills survey - you can repeat this at the end of the MOOC.

Participation in the MOOC will be open to everyone and there are no fees or subscriptions required. The level of participation is up to those who register. However, some of you may like to join groups who are participating in a facilitated experience, in the support Network. This is a protected space where MOOC participants can communicate and share their experiences with eportfolios.

The learnspace is a collaborative initiative of the EpCoP practitioners. You will be able to access a copy of this space from the templates available in the Googlesite Creation page. The learnspace is an example of a collaborative planning strategy to build a MOOC - Massive Open Online Course. The video on the MOOC page provides an overview of a MOOC.