Certification Procedure

The ISABEL Software Partner (IsaSP) has developed software itself, or through others, and/or markets this software; The Partner is willing to develop and/or install software that integrates ISABEL Software.

EPCI and the IsaSP enter in a contractual relation and detail their mutual obligations and liabilities in a Certification Contract, especially with respect to the communication of documents, information and materials concerning the Isabel Synchroniser Test Plan, the Certification Procedure and the Technical Specifications.

This contract is complemented with a document "Description-of-the-modules-submitted-for-certification" that details which function the IsaSP's product cover and for which the IsaSP desires to obtain a certificate.

A specific test plan will be developed on that basis. 

The IsaSP will make an appointment with the certification lab and have the tests executed.

On the basis of  a test lab's report on the successful execution of the projected test plan, EPCI will issue a certificate.valid for as long as the IsaSP product hasn't been modified and the IsabelGo specifications remain unchanged.

For more information, please contact EPCI.