This service is discontinued as of 2014

Certificates remain valid as long as the certified software is not modified and specifications on which the software was based remain unchanged

ISABEL has developed software itself, or through others, and manages hardware itself, or through others, that enable it, inter alia, to render electronic banking and certification services and to make electronic documents available online. ISABEL markets a number of products, such as ISABEL 6, Zoomit and Bankit, hereinafter the “ISABEL Software”.

ISABEL's customers and users may require additional services prior to or at the moment of the installation of the ISABEL Software. Such additional services may relate to technical support, software development, integration, training, etc.

The ISABEL Software Partner (IsaSP) has developed software itself, or through others, and/or markets this software; The Partner is willing to develop and/or install software that integrates ISABEL Software.

Only members of an ISABEL Software partnership program are allowed to integrate the ISABEL Software. In order to continue to be authorised by ISABEL as a partner and in order to receive the Partnership Benefits, the Partner shall respect certain obligations (the "Partnership Obligations").

One of the Partnership Obligations is to have correctly integrated the ISABEL Software in the own Partner’s Software.

ISABEL has included the services of EPCI, an independent certification service provider to handle the certification of the sound integration of the ISABEL Software with such Partner Software Packages ( Certification Activities). EPCI has accepted this assignment.

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  • NotaPlus (CSiD) certified Software Package  Name : NotaPlusVersion : 1.8.xxDate Certified : 22 November 2013Company Name : CSiD sprlAddress : Rue de Huy, 784530 Villers-le-Bouillet
    Posted 10 Feb 2014, 05:45 by Francis Ceuterick
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