Welcome to the US EPA's Quality Assurance Training website!  To register for an upcoming quality assurance (QA) training, please go to "Register" on the left hand side of the page.  Three trainings throughout the summer are being offered; each offering a similar agenda, but in different areas of Region 9.  All trainings are free with no registration costs attached.
This course is intended for tribal environmental professionals, technicians, program managers, directors, and other staff involved in quality assurance of environmental measurements.

Upcoming Trainings
Ft. McDowell Yavapai Nation
October 25-27, 2011
A block of hotel rooms will be held for attendees. More information about this will be released shortly.

If you have specific questions you want answered at the training, please goto www.QAblog.org and add your questions.

Past Trainings
Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians
May 10-12, 2011

Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians
July 19-21, 2011

The final agenda for the training at Shingle Springs can be found in the "Resources" section.

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