Japanese club

From: ologhlin@ozsky.net
To: ologhlin@ozsky.net
Subject: stolen Japanese bantams
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 21:43:22 +1100

Dear poultry Club and web site members  of the Japanese Bantam Club of Australia
Warning Urgent
I wish to advise the club and NSW police have been notified that over 30 head of Japanese Bantam pure breed stock was  stolen today 20.2.2012 from Southern Riverina  NSW.
Stock stolen comprises breeding stock, also young stock of Birchen and  greys, some, mixed colours.
Included is best of breed birds and bird of show winning birds and their off spring..
Any one who has information or is offered stock is requested to contact the club with names of those selling breed stock or young stock in these colours offered for sale.
If you are also a Japanese Bantam Club of Australia web site member I apologise if this email has been duplicated
Lynette O'loghlin
Hon Secretary
03 58827345