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Newcastle disease and the importance of biosecurity NEW

There have been multiple cases of virulent Newcastle disease confirmed in the United States recently (see web link below to USDA APHIS page) in what they call backyard exhibition chickens.!ut/p/z1/04_iUlDg4tKPAFJABpSA0fpReYllmemJJZn5eYk5-hH6kVFm8X6Gzu4GFiaGPu6uLoYGjh6Wnt4e5mYG7mam-l5gjQj9IBPw64iA6oAqh1P6kUZFvs6-6fpRBYklGbqZeWn5-hFleSn6BdlRkQDKFRsj/


It is therefore timely to remember biosecurity is very important to all fanciers. Some simple actions could prevent horrible consequences and loss of breeding and exhibition efforts. The following NSW DPI links might be useful: