The Exhibition Poultry Association of New South Wales Inc is the peak body
for exhibition breeders and fanciers of landfowl, waterfowl and pigeons in NSW.

 Its aims are to:

  • protect the rights, privileges and best interests of breeders and exhibitors, particularly those who are members of the association

  • foster friendly participation in the breeding and competitive exhibition of all recognised breeds and varieties of domesticated land and
            waterfowl and pigeons
  • strive to perpetuate the relevant breed characteristics and excellence of type according to the Australian Poultry Standards of Perfection (or
            other standard where applicable)
  • consider any proposals for a new breed or additional variety prior to their being submitted to the Australian Poultry Standards Committee
            for evaluation
  • establish, maintain and publish a register of reputable accredited judges
  • promote the interests of poultry fanciers in NSW and on the national stage through affiliation with, and representation on, the Australian
            peak body.

The association is served by a volunteer executive committee consisting of
the following people:

President:               Bruce Raines

Secretary:              Janet Doust

Vice President:       Peter Gooch

Vice President
(country):                Guy Fahey

Treasurer:              Janet Doust

Judges' registrar:    Kerry Pearce

Committee:              Lonny Raines, Sonia Green

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