ECT* Workshop 5-9 June 2017

The dense matter equation of state plays a central role in many aspects ranging from nuclear structure to astrophysical phenomena. However, its description remains up to today only partly known. From the nuclear physics side, the description of nuclear matter can put constraints on the neutron-star matter equation of state. From the astrophysical side, the study of the gravitational-wave emission from the merging of compact binary systems can help to infer properties of the dense matter in their interior. The recent detection of gravitational waves has triggered a lot of excitement. In particular, it is indicating that gravitational-wave observations of binaries involving neutron stars are within reach, with the exciting prospect of probing high-density matter physics through this fundamentally new observational approach. Timely scheduled, this workshop aims at stimulating collaborations between experts from the nuclear physics and gravitational astrophysics community, together with researchers devoted to the gravitational-wave data analysis. The goal is to provide input from all sides to constrain the dense matter equation of state.

  • Nuclear matter, symmetry energy and constraints on the neutron-star matter equation of state (EoS)
  • EoS of hot and dense matter: ab initio, mean-field and beyond
  • EoSs for astrophysical simulations: nuclear energy density functionals
  • Gravitational-wave imprint on the dense matter EoS: neutron-star mergers and black holes-neutron stars binary systems
  • Gravitational-wave detection and data analysis