My favourite Times


Write an article called My favourite Times Talking about:
  • Your favourite time of the day and why
  • Your favourite day of the week and why
  • Your favourite month of the year and why
  • Your favourite season of the year and why
  • Your favourite public holiday and why

Remember to use: love, (really) like, don't (really) like, don't mind + -ing forms
Use ideas from Joe and Rose's articles



 My favourite time of the day is when I get home after taking to () my children to school, because I have breakfast in silence while I read a book or study English.

 My favourite day of the week is Saturday because, if my husband and me don´t work, we go to the countryside with our family and friends. I love walking in the nature.

 My favourite month of the year is June because it´s my birthday, I like very much having a party with my family that day. I also like June because days are longer and warm.
 For these reasons, my favourite season is the summer, early summer. Also because I like swimming in the swimming pool, the long days, the warm nights and the smell of plants. I don´t like staying at home in summer.

 I have two favourite public holidays : Christmas and 15th August, because I meet with my family and we enjoy it very much.



I think my favourite time of day is early morning, because after getting up and having breakfast is when I like doing a lot of activities. And in the week, Friday is the better best day because it’s the last day or the working week and I like going out to for dinner. I usually go to an Italian restaurant. My favourite month is May, because it’s spring, the days are longer and it’s in this month when I go to the Way of Santiago by foot. I really enjoy it.  

The summer is my favourite season, because it’s when I start doing the travels trips I’ m planning during the year. I really love travelling. The first of May is my favourite public holiday, because the second of May it’s also (a) public holiday and I like doing a trip at this long weekend. I don’t like staying.....


My favorite time of day is after dinner because  my wife and me can meet for watching TV and talk about our things also.
The best day at week is on Saturday. I'm usually with my family and friends, then we do fun activities and we can spend time together. I love them.
I like going out when it's hot. We often travel in the summer though we don't mind traveling in another seasons of the year. We prefer July or August because the days are longer and we can enjoy on the beach.
My favorite public holiday are Cristmas. It's a good opportunity to meet with the family. Also I think it's a good time to lose the diet. ;)


My favorite time of day is the friday night night at Friday. I love it because we have dinner together in the living room while watching a family film. We usually have homemade pizza and popcorn. It is fun!!
The best day of the week is Saturday. After the tennis class we stay with friends or do something in ? family. Sometimes we go skiing because we really like it. We also like to be at home or visit a new place. 
Our favorite month is July or August because we are() on  vacation and go to the swimming pool. But I don't like it because it's too hot. 
My favorite season of the year is spring. I love to walk because the days are long and the weather is good. 
My favorite public holiday is Christmas. I don`t mind it's cold because the illusion of those days is fantastic. It really is my favorite 
time of the year!! 


My favourite time of the day is at the night because I can relax. Then I read a book or I watch any program TV.
My favourite time of the week is the Saturday because my husband doesn´t work and my daughter doesn´t have class at the University. We make Delicious eat and we plan different activities.

December is my favourite month because ...I love Christmas!!. I like to decore the home, I like to buy presents for my family and I like to eat with them.

 I like the Autum , it´s my favourite season because I really like to go the countryside and look at the tress, their leaves have a colours beautiful .
My favourite public holiday is the first of May because there are many public holidays. We do tourism and  we go to the?? walk in the countryside...the fields are really beautiful!!


My favourite time of the day is at the the night because my children are sleeping, I can relax and I can talk with my husband.

My favourite day of the  week is Saturday because ()It is the first day of () the Weekend and I get up late and I don't do housework.

August is my favourite month of the year, because my family and I are on holiday, and we can go to the beach and have fun. 

My favourite season of the year is Autumn because the weather is not hot. I like the beautiful colours of the leaves and I can hear its crunching when I walk over them. 

My favourite public holiday is first and second of May because is like an additional weekend.


Exercise page 46 Favorite time

We asked our readers about the days and times duing the year
that make then feel good.

What's your favorite time of day? Why?

My fafourite tme of day es a las 7'30 hours. Because I like
geting up early, I like have breakfast bread toasted and oil and I go walk

What's your favorite day of the week ? Why?

My day favourite or teh week is it on Satarday, because I go
wiht my wife of shopping, and we see our grandchildren.

What's your favorite month ? Why?

My month favourtite is July, because I and my wife go ()beach
y we like take the sun.

What's your favorite season ? Why?

My favourite season of ()year they are all, because all ()have
beautifull moment of cold, of hot, of sun and clouds with rains.

What's your favorite public holiday ? Why?

My day favourite public holiday is the day of ()wise men,

because we make presents of our familis and we 
meet to eat.


My favourite time of day is at half past ten at night, because my daughter is sleeping and my husband and me are watching TV in  on the sofa.

Saturday is my favourite day of the week, because my husband doesn't work and we can make plans in family plans family, but I don't mine mind relaxing in my house.

August is my favourite month, because we are on holidays in on the beach but I don't mine mind the hot spending heat ().

My favourite season is Summer, because I love open-air swimming, the beach, and the days are longer.

My favourite public holidays, is 15th August, because I enjoy going to the beach for and start my holidays.


My favourite time of the day is () in the morning when do not job work. because I have free time for sports and study English. I like going to the mountain they're (mountains they aren't) many people on the mountains on a daily basis. 

My favourite day of the week, when do not job work, is Sunday. Because I´m not getting up early. I meeting meet my parents and my friends for eating eat. I love cooking for my family and friends.

My favourite month is July. Because I don't work. I usually go to the camping site with ()family. I really like () a lot. I hate the month in August, I usually prefer working it is days (It's very good days for working). good for working.

My favourite season is spring. Because the days are long, I really like the colours of the field and flowers.

My favourite public holiday is on the  24Th of December. Because () I going (go) to the main square with my Wife and my sons. I like eating the typical "squid sandwich". 


I have two favorite times of the day. In the morning, when I get up I have a breakfast quietly and I love reading when I drink a second coffee. And the other part of day that I like it is at night, when my family are sleeping I put on my electric blanket and I'm relaxed.
My favorite day of the week is Saturday, because I don't have routines. Sometimes my husband works at the weekend but we don't mind because we really like it too.
My favorite month is June, because it's hot, the days are longer and I love enjoying the sun, but, I really like the final end of June, because we start the holidays. We usually go to the beach all (the)summer.
I don't have a favorite public holidays, I really like all public holidays, but the firts of May is a day very importan a very important day. I don't like traveling in the public holidays because in all places are more people. There are many people in all places


The best moment of ()the day is the  at breakfast time, because if I don't work I have a lot of time for that and I can relax and really enjoy white coffe witn with cake.
I don't have a favorite day of the week because it depends on the week, even though /the/ Friday is good because in the evening I like having dinner a pizza having pizza for dinner and watching a film with my family.
December is my favorite month because I don't mind the cold weather and I love Christmas holidays, people is are very happy.
For this reason, I really like the winter. I don't like the heat and I hate sweating a lot.
My favorite public holiday is 6th December because it's my birthday and usually I I usually have a party with my friends and they give me a surprise presents. I really love it.


My favorite time of day  is ten thirty  at night , because  t relax , I am reading or watching tv. My favorite  day of the weed is in  friday, because the weekend  begin and , I am with mi family . My favorite ()in august , because  I relax ()my friends and family visiting new places . My favorite season  is in spring , because plats  are reborn . My favorite public holiday  is easter , because I go with  my  friends and family  to my town , thats we only see each other at that party, and it gives my great  joy () share () with everyone.



My favourite time of the day is at night, because my children are sleeping, I can read a book or talk with my wife about our day.
My favourite day of the week is Saturday, because when I don't work, I stay all the time with my family and we do a lot of things together. I love my family!!!
My favourite month of the year is September, because it´s a month that do  good weather to travel but there aren't a lot of people. I really love () it because it´s my birthday.
My favourite season of the year it´s is summer, because the days are longer and also we go to the beach, we like swimming on in the sea and we don't mind if it´s too hot.
My favourite public holiday is Christmas, because we meet with our family to celebrate the final days of the year. I really love it.


  • My favourite time of the day is at night, () because my husband and me are relaxing in relax in the sofa.
  • My favourite day of the week is on () Sunday because we go to mass and after ()that, in the evening() we play to() board games.
  • My favourite month of the year is in () September because school starts.
  • My favourite season of the year is the summer because the days it's more longare very long 
  • My favourite public holiday is the() San Jordi() 'sday because I like that they give me books.


  1. In the day, my favourite time is the morning, becouse because  it means it is a new day and it's sunny I really love this moment. 
  2. My favourite day of the week is Friday because the next day is Saturday and I have free time to be with my children and my husband. Friday is the last day of the week, I like thinking we have all afternoon without homework.
  3. In the year, my favoutire month is July becouse because it's my childre's birthday. I really like to see () their excited about the birthday party. I also like the month of july July becouse because the weather is hot.
  4. My favourite season is Spring becouse because the winter is over. I don`t mind it's if it's cold but I prefer to be hot . The days are more (more) longer. The weather is good to be in the park.
  5. I don't have a public holiday, any pubic holiday is good to enjoy free time, travel traveling, read reading and sleep sleeping.    


       Hello my favourite time of the day, is after eat because is the best moment for a coffee with  sweets, I love cheesecake.
       My favourite day of the week is Saturday, because I don´t go to work, I love Saturday, I often go to my favorite restaurant.
       May, is the best month, because () is my birthday and I really love the gifts.
       My favourite season is the spring, because the wheather is good.I don´t mind go walking everywhere.

       My favourite public holiday is 24th August, because there is a country party in my village. 

My favourite Times. Loli

My favourite  time of day  is the moment of the  nap because I can lie down in the armchair   and watch TV.                        

My favourite day of the week is when I'm  free at work and I have nothing to do. Neither  gym not English class.
My favourite month in May because  in  spring the field is full of  flowers of all (of)colors.  My favourite public holiday (it) is Chistmas because thay  

María José.

My favourite time of the day is in the evening because it's the time of the day when I can really  relax.
My favourite day of the week is Friday because I love going  to the park with my daughter and them  We go to the bar with my husband.
My favourite month of the year is October because it's my birthday and I like making plans with my family this day.
My favourite season of the year is spring because the days are long and the weather's warm. 
My favourite public holiday is the christmast day because I really love the excitement with children await these days.  

loli Castro guerrero,
18 mar. 2019 11:00