Fusion Land

-About AxisofOddity Page-

Some basic info page for the author/artist of Fusion Land. 

Reason for site?

Originally, I was posting my "Club Fusion" stories on some places, and found some rancor for them.  So, I created this small site to house the stuff I've recently written, in a manner that anyone who actually wishes to read it can read it, while anyone who doesn't can simply click the back button.   Also, making this site has made it easier to update my stories, because its parts sometimes need editing to fit with later ones.  If you're reading this, and possibly like what's on this site, it's be nice to leave some feedback, either by Guestbook, or email.  ^_^



Video games (mainly RPGs), anime, manga, manhwa (aka manwha aka Korean manga), RPGs (Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Suikoden, Persona 3: FES, etc.), literature (Harry Potter, CS Lewis and Narnia, Gordan Korman, Orson Scott Card, 1984, Catch 22, etc.), soccer, Korean baseball (Lotte), kpop (Nell, Lee Soo Young, Park Ki Young, Epik High, etc.), Western pop/rock (Dashboard Confessional, Ashlee Simpson, Linkin Park, etc.), Korean dramas (iljimae, Tae Wang Sah Shin Ki, Stairway to Heaven, Gumiho, etc.), movies (Equilibrium, Shawshank Redemption, Star Wars, Sky High, Joint Security Area, etc.), writing, fanfiction, computer drawing, etctera.



Back in the day, when listening to basically orchestra music, a lot of thought and ideas would flow and eventually be made into written things.  Now, I stay away from orchestra/lyricless music and listen to some songs that, while having lyrics, allow one to fall into a certain creative or emotional state of mind.  It's not the lyrics that really matter, but instead the feeling that is received when listening to the sound of the songs.

At the moment, my choice song to listen to is one from krock group, Jaurim.   The song was originally sung in English as "#1" by them.


Why such a bad grammar/writing style?

I don't talk in English to people in real life on a daily basis.  The English I use is only for when I use the net, so I've forgotten a lot of it.  That, I guess, explains why my vocabulary in English has shrunk.  Sorry, in advance.


Fusion Land, in Korean?

Maybe when I reach a huge writer's block, I'll translate what I've gotten up to in Club Fusion into Korean and make a Korean version of this site.  I was mainly influenced by visiting a site from the webmaster of Janimes, Klisis.  I learned that she had taught herself English and had translated her stories from Korean to English  (http://twoclusters.info).  Sort of the reverse, I hope to learn Korean and translate Club Fusion into Korean.