Enzyme to the NationsMy file cabinet onlineI created this especially for my children and grandchildren to share some of my ideas on how to live healthfully and happily in a world that is increasingly unhealthy and even toxic at times, but others are welcome too. Figuring out what to eat that is actually good for your body when you're short on time and money can be challenging, or what to do when you get sick, or how to stay well the rest of the time. If there is a recipe you want or a topic you need some information on from the Navigation List, email me at: doriscastleton@gmail.com.  I will try to find it and have it on file for you if I can. From time to time I am consumed with family obligations and may not respond with a "speedy delivery," but I will eventually get to it. You can email me again to remind me.

     We all have our own prejudices and beliefs regarding health and wellness and I, too, have mine. I don't look for double-blind studies for every fact I embrace in this area (like my husband), but I have spent many years reading, studying, practicing on my kids, and sorting out what I trust, so that's what you will get on my website. I try to stay open to suggestions, though, and may change something you've found here earlier if I have sufficient evidence that it is true. I will note such changes.
     If you want to contribute recipes, links, ideas or health tips, email me at the above address, and if I feel they will benefit everyone, I'll post them with your name. If you have ideas about other topics to add to the Navigation List, please email me. Thanks.