Intro. to GIS

Intro. to GIS -  (See also WWU Canvas Page)

    AH-16  Spatial Analysis Lab ("SAL")  (AH-16)
Schedule (including TA lab/office hours


Office: AH-211  



IN BRIEF: (see Syllabus for details)

ASSIGNMENTS (see Calendar) are due at the beginning of class. 
                  Late assignments lose 10% per day

COURSE READINGS will be provided (mostly online).  Text book NOT REQUIRED

ESRI's Virtual Campus will be used for many of the Readings and the early assignments

            Notes on using the VC             Summary Notes on the Virtual Campus modules

Data for the Virtual Campus can be download from the web or is available:


Quizzes (open notebook) are on almost every Friday

Final Exam (on and off computer)

Lab, Quiz and Exam scores are posted to the Canvas

ESRI Resources
ENVS-320 Resources
SAL Resources


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