Intro. to GIS

Intro. to GIS - Fall 2017 (T/Th)

Location: ES-413 (10-10:50)
    AH-16 (11-11:50)  
    AH-16 (12-12:50)  
Spatial Analysis Lab ("SAL")   (AH-16)
Schedule  (including TA lab/office hours)

Instructor:  Stefan Freelan

Office: AH-211   650-2949
   Hours: T-Th 2-3:00




IN BRIEF: (see SYLLABUS for details)

ASSIGNMENTS are due at the beginning of class. Late assignments lose 10%/day

Textbook: Essential of Geographic Information Systems, available online: HTMLPDF or DOC 

ESRI's Online e-Learning  (see notes) will be used for some Readings and assignments.

Data for the e-Learning can be download from the web or is available:

Quizzes (see Reading Schedule) are on every Thursday

Final Exam (on and off computer): Tuesday, Dec. 12th, 8:00-10:00  OR  11:30-12:30

Lab, Quiz and Exam scores are posted to the Canvas Grades

              * please put ENVS-320 in the subject line of all emails to Stefan