Intro. to GIS - Winter 2013

ENVS-320    (formerly EGEO-350) 
Location: AH-04 (10-11:00)
    AH-05 OR AH-16 (11-12:00
What All Good Maps Should Have    
           Single Page Print (pdf)         Counterpoint

Time: W-F 10-11:50 Connecting to the J:\ or U:\ drive (if not in AH-16)
Instructor:  Stefan Freelan ESRI Books folder (J:\SAL_info\esri_misc\esri_books)
Office: AH-201   650-2949
   Hours: T-Th 2-3:00

ESRI GIS Dictionary
Email: * ENVS-320 Terms to Know
   Josh Jones 
(T & Th 12-1:00)
   Jonny Kemp (M & W, 10-11:00)
ESRI ArcGIS 10.1 Help (Web version)

Data Flow Diagram notes
Data Flow Diagrams Examples for ArcGIS

PRINTING in AH-16        

In Brief: (see Syllabus for details)


        Assignments (see below and Schedule) due at the beginning of class

                Late assignments lose 15%

        Text book NOT REQUIRED

        Course readings will be provided (mostly online)

        ESRI's Virtual Campus will be used for Readings and Lab Exercises

                (see notes on using the virtual campus)

        Quizzes are Every Friday

        Final Exam (on and off computer): Tuesday, Dec. 11, 10:30-12:30


            Assignments:                       DUE:


            Any / All LATE LABS                      Friday, Mar 15th, 4:00 pm                              

            Final Project - Lab Book - Report     THURSDAY, Mar 14th, 12:00 NOON                           
            Labs-10                                           Tuesday, Mar 5th                                 
            Labs-9                                             Tuesday, Feb 26th                                 
            Labs-8                                             THURSDAY, Feb 21st                                 
            Labs-7                                             Tuesday, Feb 19th                                 
            Labs-5 & 6                                      Tuesday, Feb 12th                           
            Labs-3 & 4                                      Tuesday, Feb 5th                           
            Lab-2                                               Tuesday, Jan 29th                           
            Lab-1                                               Tuesday, Jan 22nd                           
            Lab-B                                               Tuesday, Jan 15th   

            Lab-A                                               Thursday, Jan 10th, 10:00 am

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              * please put ENVS-320 in the subject line of all emails to Stefan