Water Policy in the Western United States

A Passionate and Political Discussion of Water Resource Development; federal reclamation policy; water law and water rights; interbasin transfers; Colorado River, Central Valley Project and State Water Project; groundwater overdrafting; agricultural water and water pricing and finally, watershed stewardship.

What you can learn from participating in this discussion:
• How water rights are determined in California and other states.
• The processes available for conflict resolution when engineering decisions are in opposition to environmental regulation
• The roles and responsibilities of key state and federal environmental, land use and natural resource management agencies in water resources protection and flood management
• Financing options, common subsidies, and methods used for externalizing costs for water projects
• Public participation requirements and strategies for successful water project campaigns
To Participate in the ongoing process of water policy development.

A companion course is currently developing as I begin the Spring 2010 semester. The course title is Water Resources Management and referenced in the University Catalog as EnvS 128;

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