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Alberta Envirothon Rundown

2016 Highlights
Another successful event was held in 2016 with a capacity attendance and teams returning from SK and NWT! with a theme of Invasive Species, the Environment had its fair share of quality speakers, presenters, and so much relevant information. with issues like Flowering Rush, Zebra Mussels, and Whirling Disease...and yes RATS! We even had a visit from the Aquatic Invasive Species Dog Sniffing team! Paul Kane took first place this year with past winner Parkland taking 2nd and 3rd place. Out of province ranking included Luthor Collegiate(SK) in 1st , Bedford Collegiate(SK) 2nd, and taking 3rd place: Echo Dene (NWT). We look forward to another successful event in 2017!

2015 Highlights
This was another sellout year under the theme of 'Urban Forests'. This year teams were outfitted with coloured bandannas to make the challenges and team atmosphere more exciting! 
Milton Davies a well known urban forester, among so many other partners delivered sessions to help prep teams as they competed for the provincial title. 2015 saw teams come from NWT as well as Saskatchewan to participate and only added to the rivalry with Sask coming away with the Alberta 3rd place trophy!  1st and 2nd places belonged to Paul Kane from St Albert and Parkland Composite from Edson, two seasoned competitors. 
Entertainment was provided by Rapid Fire Improv Theatre and what a blast they were! 
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2014 Alberta Envirothon

Leona Dargis was our Keynote Speaker to open the event and had an emotional story of how her and her 4 sisters where left orphaned after her parents and grandmother died suddenly in a plane crash leaving them to run the family farm . More info here:

 Atomic Improv provided the nights entertainment after a full day of presentations, learning blocks and a panel discussion. They were awesome and a great laugh!

 Kateri  1st Nation’s  School and some Paul Kane (team 2…they had two teams) students combined to make a team after some of their members  could not make the event. They  and worked well together and made great firends. It was great to see all the students get along so well and make new lifelong friends.  Almost 30% of our H.S. Students teams came from 1st Nation schools!

 CRAZY!!!!—out of all the challenges teams faced off over, the top 3 teams were separated by less than 1 point!!! In fact 3rd place made it over the 4th place team by only .08 pts.

 1st place- Grande Prairie Composite HS---.02 pts over second place team Pula Kane from St Albert

2nd place- Paul Kane HS---.04 pts over Parkland Composite HS from Edson

 3rd place- Parkland Composite (previous year's 3 peat winner)

Now that’s as close as you can get. Would have made for an incredible reality TV moment!!

 A tradeshow was incorporated for the first time this year and a Team won $ 100.00 for completing the challenge that went along with the show making the show much fun for all.

 Many Students visited the HTC’s Forestry Museum learning about the evolution of the forest Ranger and forest management in Alberta.   

 A few pics here at the facbook site so far.

2013 Alberta Envirothon Click HERE for pics!

·         The event reached its cap of 10 teams but was able to grow to two more, making 12 teams...but                          1 cancelled   The venue was unable to accommodate more. 

·         The Alberta Envirothon attracted another 1st Nations team from Cadotte Lake.

 ·         The Event was again held at the Sustainable Resource Development’s (SRD) Long Lake Centre near                  Athabasca. 

·         The GOA’s Provincial Rangeland management staff and cows and fish representative provided keynote presenters, field site visit and insight into the building of the 2013 event scenario.

·         The Alberta Envirothon increased  learning opportunities for participants prior to the event through lining up interested teams with resource professionals in their area prior the Envirothon start date.

Parkland Composite from Edson won the event for the third year in a row and represented Alberta in Montana. They placed 23th out of 57 representative teams, and 3rd in Canada!

  • Grande Prairie Composite High School                                  Two Teams
  • W.P. Wagner School of Science and Technology                  Two Teams
  • Parkland Composite High School in Edson                           Two Teams
  • Lillian Osborne High School in Edmonton                            One Team
  • Paul Kane High School in St. Albert.                                     Two Teams
  • Caddotte Lake High School   (1st Nations)                            One Team
  • Edwin Parr Community Composite High School                   One Team
  • Ecole Secondair Note Dame Highschool                               One Team

 The Long Lake Centre was home to over 100 students, teachers and volunteers for three days.  Meals were all provided in the dining hall and accommodation was in the surrounding cabins. 

 Day 1: Students arrived Thursday evening and were greeted by a video message from the Minister before their first keynote presentation set on the GoA’s Partners in Resource Excellence initiative.

Day2: Friday started with Junior Forest Ranger Promotion, key note presentations and a field site visit to immerse them in Rangeland Management techniques. A presentation from Work Wild was enjoyed before the events oral presentation was delivered. (A decision to give participants the scenario a little earlier was made due to teams being able to prep during that evening and in between field testing and written testing).

Day 3: Field exercises and exams.  The field stations covered the topics of: forestry, soils, aquatic ecology, Oil n Gas, Wildlife, and Rangeland Management.  This year the field testing and exam writing were done together to better reflect the N.A. event. All 12 teams did well on the field testing and some variance was seen in written exams. A panel discussion in the late afternoon coupled with federal and provincial representation in Gov’t and industry created much conversation and insight for participants. The rest of the evening was left for teams to prep for their presentation delivery.   

 Day 4: Morning: each team gave their oral and visual presentation on the “scenario” followed by five minutes of questions from the judges.  Judges tallied the scores and announced a winner. (.5 points separated 1st from 2nd place.) All twelve teams did extremely well and were actually close in their final scores.  Each of the top three teams received a trophy and cash prize.

2012 Alberta Envirothon
 Alberta Envirothon held its 15th annual Provincial Event from May 10-13, 2012 at the Long Lake Centre located approximately 30 km SW of Athabasca.  A total of eight teams from across the province participated in the 2012 event, including:


  • Grande Prairie Composite High School                               Two Teams
  • Parkland Composite High School in Edson                         Two Teams
  • Lillian Osborne High School in Edmonton                           One Team
  • Paul Kane High School in St. Albert.                                  Two Teams
  • Sister Gloria School in Garden River                                   One Team


The Long Lake Centre was home to about 65 students, teachers and volunteers for three days.  Meals were all provided in the dining hall and accommodation was in the surrounding cabins.  Parkland School from Edson took home the provincial tittle for a second straight year and placed 20th of 54 staes and provines at the NA competition. The team placed a great 10th place during the presention format of the event.




During preparation for the 2012 Alberta Envirothon, board members set goals and concentrated on improving the quality of the existing event, attracting new teams, and forging new partnerships.  The board also looked to attract 1st nations participation in the event. The following list of activities highlights some of the major milestones and efforts that were accomplished.


             Improvements on increasing participants understanding of  resource management were made  through such implementations like combining  field testing and written exam times, allowing for more key note speaker opportunities. The addition of a discussion panel enjoyed much debate and generated many questions from teams later used in presentations.
·         The Event was held at the Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) Long Lake Centre near Athabasca. The location is central in the province and enjoys a break on the rental costs though some in kind support. Catering and lodging was provided through this venue
·     The Alberta Envirothon succeeded in attracting its first 1st Nation’s team to the event   and garnered much interest from other first Nation schools for the 2012-2013 season.
·     New forged  partnerships with the Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada, Cows and Fish program, and the boreal research center’s boreal educator resulted in new funding, new board members, and in kind support from professionals during the competition.
·    The Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership (ADILP) provided keynote presenters
      and insight into the building of the 2012 event scenario.
·     The Alberta Envirothon increased  learning opportunities for participants prior to the event through lining up interested teams with resource professionals in their area prior the Envirothon start date.
·    Edson won the event and represented Alberta in Pennsylvania. They placed 20th out of 54 states and provinces.
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