이영재 교수
Young Jae Lee

Office: #706 @ Hana Science Hall

B.S. Yonsei University
M.S. Yonsei University
M.S. Kent State University
Ph.D. State University of New York, Stony Brook

        Main Interests
  • Characterization of toxic metal Uptake by Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Phosphate over a wide range of conditions.
  • Identification and Understanding of Surface Speciation at atomic & molecular-scale 
  • Understanding of mechanism(s) of metal incorporation into mineral structures, especially Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Phosphate
  •  Identification of nano-phases for mineral formation at a low temperature

l  Molecular Geochemistry in Environmental Geosciences

l  Computational Modeling in Environmental Geosciences & Molecular Chemistry 

l  Molecular Coordination of Organic and Organometallic Chemistry in Nano-Geosciences 

l  Further Research Plans 

Investigation of Metal and Organic Sorption on Calcite and Apatite: Macro- and Molecular-Scale Characterization of Surface Complexation and Incorporation