7:00-8:15pm, Tues the 17th

Location: Hillcrest 200 (upstairs), Middlebury College

Be sure to check out other great events this week at go/ecosymposium.

Official Invite:

To all students interested in the environment and in spreading your environmental ideas:

This evening, the Environmental Messaging Workshop will bring together innovative eco-minded students, as well as members of environmentally-oriented student organizations.

Why? To share strategies for effectively communicating environmental ideas. Four professors/administrators (Jack Byrne, Michelle McCauley, John Maluccio and Jon Isham) will be offering their expertise, then collaborating with students to help us optimize our initiatives.

We hope you will join us today, Tues. Jan. 17th, from 7-8:15pm in Hillcrest 200. Refreshments to be served and more info available at go/EMW. To find out about other exciting events this week, check out the Eco Entrepreneur and Leadership Symposium schedule at go/ecosymposium. Hope to see you there!

This event is brought to you by the Sustainability Integration Office, the Psych and Econ Departments, and the Eco Entrepreneurship and Leadership Symposium.

Why Important: Because students, eager to change the world with their great new ideas, often forget that communicating an idea effectively is what can make or break a project.

Goal: To provide students with a) basic information about messaging strategies that they can apply to their own work, and b) individualized feedback and ideas for their organization’s environmental projects.

Confirmed speakers (5-7min):
  • Jack Byrne (Sustainability Office)
  • Michelle McCauley (Psychology)
  • John Maluccio (Economics & Statistics)
  • Jon Isham (Economics & Social Entrepreneurship)

Workshop Format: Two components --
  • 1) several professors share their messaging expertise, then 5-7min Q&A
  • 2) professors and students break into small groups to brainstorm messaging ideas for current/planned student organization projects.

Attendance: Ideally, at least one rep from each environmental student org/group will attend. Additionally, other interested students are encouraged to join!