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Laura Sanders, Sample Watershed

Drainage Basin Location and Characteristics

  • Drainage area: 2,333 square miles
  • Agricultural land use with very little urbanization
  • Soils
    • generally silty clay loams
    • Hydrologic Soil Group C
  • Glaciated terrane; mainly ground moraine, till
  • More facts about the general characteristics of the basin
  • And more facts


Water Budget

Overall water budget

 INFLOW (inches)  OUTFLOW  (inches) 
 Precipitation  38.65 Streamflow   27.19


 Lake Evaporation

     Actual Evapotranspiration  6.71
 TOTAL  38.65 TOTAL 


 The water budget was created by doing x, y, and z (brief statement or bullets). 

Important results:

  • More than 70% of the water entering the basin through precipitation flows out of the basin through the river.

  • Other observations


  • Records from 1973-2011 obtained from the National Climatic Data Center for the following gages
    • Carmargo (represents 81% of the basin)
    • Newton (represents 19% of the basin)
  • Average annual precipitation:  38.65 inches
  • Raw data appear in the Precipitation spreadsheet linked at the bottom of this page


Similar data (as for Precip) for the other parts of the water budget.

Lake Evaporation



And ditto.

Rainfall-Runoff Relationships

  • Streamflow increases when precipitation increases.
  • The relationship is fairly weak.
  • Other factors must be influencing streamflow.  Possibilities:
    • Factor 1
    • Factor 2
    • Factor 3


  • 33% of precip for this storm ran off
  • Other info
  • Another hydrograph?





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