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Soils in the Basin 

 Natalie Leibovitz      West Branch DuPage River      28.5 square miles  highly urbanized  flat  elongated/narrow  roughly North-South      Wadsworth Formation-fine grained matrix, and Trafalgar Formation-medium grained matrix      Group C soils, silty loam soils
 Liz                  Skokie River  21.1 sq. mi.  highly urbanized  gentle even slope  elongated  N-S flow  bedded silt/clay, and gravel with fine grained matrix  Group C, mixed soils
 Alyssa Sockol
 Deer Creek
 23.1  mildly urbanized
elevation changes not drastic
 elongated with a bulge in the middle
 N-E flow
 Silurian LS and Dolostone for bedrock; fine to medium grained surficial deposits
 Group C
 Justin Mackey  Bay Creek  39.4  Low Urbanization  Moderately Hilly  oval shaped  SE flow  Highly variable matrix-till  Group C
 Indian Creek  36.7  Low Urbanization  Moderately flat  elongated then round at the south end  North to South flow    
 Ranier Tuzon          Whitley Creek  34.6  Low Urbanization Flat Thick on the western portion, and gets skinnier to the east  East to West  Piat Matrix and Mattoon Formation - Medium Grained  B
 Thad Cellak      Sinsinawa River  39.6  Rural- very low urbanization
Medium elevation relief ~ 200-300 ft
 elongated  N-S, slopes S
 Bedrock at or near the surface, unglaciated,
Cahokia F.
 Cahokia F.Group
Group C- mixed soils
 Cindy      Thorn Creek  24.7      Medium urbanization (1/2 forested, 1/2 highly urbanized)  flat  long and lean  SW to NE  Glacial deposition: silt + clay from glacial/postglacial lakes; bedded silt, clay, sand, and gravel from modern floodplains, channels, streams  Groups B-C
 Crab Orchard Creek
 31.7  Low (rural)
 Moderately hilly, dendritic drainage
 Fan-shaped  NE-SW  Medium-grained matrix till
 Group C (Silt loams)
 Yesenia  Long Run
 20.9 Medium
 gentle slope
 Circular  from E to W flow. Early peak then maintains discharge for hydro graph
 fin grain matrix and peat with interbeded silt and clay
 Group C and D
 Stephanie  Buffalo Creek  19.6 sq mi  mild to low  mostly flat, some hills  elongated  NW to SE flow  medium- to fine-grained matrix  Group C
Karl Gnaedinger  

Butterfield Creek at 05536255

 23.5 m2  Highly Urban ; ~80% Urban/20% open land, lots of urbanization in last 20 years  

Gentle slope overall, ~1% across watershed, high points on SW continental divide


ENE, overall  eastward falling slope

 Silurian Bedrock underlies area, Moraine till, floodplain,and  lake sediment surficial deposits  variable with most being silty. Group C soils