Dr. Mei-Hui Li
vironmental Ecology Lab,
Department of Geography, 

National Taiwan University

I am broadly interested in the area of environmental ecology and environmental toxicology, particularly in the face of human accelerated environmental change. Recently, my lab is working on the changes of soil microbial functions in decomposition of organic matter under the influence of carbon and nitrogen resource requirements in subtropical urban ecosystems of Taiwan.  I also investigated ecotoxic effects of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in freshwater ecosystems and applied the biomarker approaches for environmental monitoring.  In sum, my research primarily concentration on how our ecosystems are affected by human activities and/or urbanization.

My current research is focused on: 1) evaluating urban soil ecosystem services; 2) evaluating urban river syndrome and water quality-related ecosystem services; 3) developing a multi-level trophic level ecotoxicity test battery for ecological risk assessment of freshwater ecosystem; 4) applying a freshwater planarian bioassay to examine effects of pharmaceuticals and personal care products.