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Qualifications Summary


Frederick W. Scalise




Employment, 1987 - Present:  

Principal / Senior Consultant, OMNICON Environmental Management, Elmira, Oregon


OMNICON Environmental Management is a consulting and service provider firm.  Areas of activity include, but are not limited to: 
  • Environmental site assessment, site characterization, and mitigation and/or remediation (soil, groundwater, surface water, and structural) 
  • Post-emergency environmental restoration (mitigation and remediation) 
  • Environmental and occupational health regulatory compliance audits; compliance program development  
  • Water discharge (NPDES: process water and stormwater) permitting and management program development 
  • Hazardous waste management  (wastestream evaluation; compliance program development) 
  • Solid waste facility assessment, permitting, and closure  
  • Hazardous materials emergency planning, including vulnerability analysis and risk assessment 
[e.g., USEPA-required Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures (SPCC) plans; US Coast Guard-required Marine Transportation-Related (MTR)
facility plans; emergency response plans required under RCRA and other environmental regulations; Emergency Action Plans (EAP) required by OSHA;
Facility Response Plans (FRPs) required by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990] 
  • Indoor air quality investigations (ambient; physical; chemical; microbiological) 
  • Training services 
  • Expert witness services
Employment, 1983 - Present:


Principal / Senior Consultant, OMNICON Research and Information Systems, Elmira, Oregon (formerly OMNIS Research Consultants, Middletown, Connecticut)


OMNICON Research and Information Systems is a research and consulting firm.  Areas of activity include, but are not limited to: 

  • Analysis of management and organizational systems 
  • Evaluation of  products, services, and product / service delivery systems 
  • Policy, plan, and program development and/or review 
  • Performance optimization (products; services; systems; policies, plans and programs) 
  • Conceptual research and development  for innovative products, services, and delivery systems 
  • Environmental site assessments, underground tank decommissioning, site characterizations, and contaminant cleanup (1983 - 1987) 
  • Emergency response planning (1983 - 1987) 
Employment, 1985 - 1987: 
Associate Chemical and Radiation Safety Officer, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut 

Developed radiation safety program; provided radiation safety training to faculty, staff and students; assisted in development of hazardous waste management program; identified elements for chemical safety and hygiene program


Employment, 1981 - 1983:


Environmental Biologist / Assistant Radiation Safety Officer, University of Oregon Office of Environmental Health & Safety, Eugene, Oregon 

Developed and implemented radiation safety program, radioactive waste disposal program, hazardous chemical waste disposal program, and laboratory and chemical safety program.  Prepared three training and program manuals.  Assisted with campus-wide occupational health and safety program.  Member of the University and Community Emergency and Spill Response Team.



Employment, 1976 - 1980:


Independent and contract consultant.  Project areas included: 

  • Public safety / emergency management consultant and planner:  Community vulnerability analysis and risk assessment; response resource inventorying; emergency response contingency plan development, testing, and/or evaluation
  • Public policy analysis
  • Energy consumption evaluations and efficiency improvement recommendations for public buildings
  • Consultant and co-developer of high-efficiency solar heating system
  • Contract work included organizing, coordinating, and supervising field studies for research organizations


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POSTED:  7 December 2010