Blue Memories

About Envinyatar 

On the off-chance that anyone would like to know anything about me, have some facts:


- listens to the name of Jules;

- was born in Berlin, Germany;

- has been in Harry Potter fandom since early 2004 - started out as a Hermione/Severus shipper, discovered LJ ( my account ) in late 2005 and has her fandom home there since early 2006; migrated to IJ ( my account | fanfiction on IJ ) due to LJ's major case of craziness in August '07. These days she considers herself a non-shipper and will write anything;

- has been in Supernatural and CW RPS fandom(s) since October 2007 and finally found her OTPs there, which is why she mods spn_j2_xmas devotedly;

-  has been toying around with Merlin fandom since late 2008 as an avid reader, only recently as a writer;

- used to have horses and dogs and wishes she could have them again.


What else? I'm rather quiet, though I can and will talk about anything at any time. If there's anything you'd like to know/tell me/whatever, you can reach me at: - if there's anything wrong with the site, you'd like to criticise my works or you just simply want to talk, I'm always approachable. 

I hope you have fun around this small place of mine!