Blue Memories

The Sky Beneath the Dawn

Jared/Jensen, NC-17 


Jensen wakes to the curious sensation of a tongue lapping at his neck. He tenses momentarily, wary of what sin he's committed last night to deserve to wake up with his company still around in the harsh light of morning.

Then he feels the big paw Jared calls a hand lightly resting on his stomach, keeping Jensen close, and the tell-tale Padalecki sign of sucking at Jensen's skin with that mouth of his before pressing one last kiss on Jensen's shoulder. "Hey," Jared murmurs, his voice still sleep-rough.

Jensen finally relaxes. He closes his eyes, still, after so many days of waking up like this, shaken by the impact Jared's entrance had on his life. A small smile creeps up on him, a slow exhalation of breath that Jensen wishes Jared wouldn't hear, but they both know better: Jared does hear, so tuned to Jensen now that he knows every quirk. Jared nudges at Jensen's shoulder with his chin. Jensen complies with the silent wish, turning around. "Hey Jay," Jensen finally answers with one eye cracked open, a joke between them that has long since lost the funny, but both their eyes crinkle with laughter nonetheless.

Jared leans in to press a soft kiss to Jensen's mouth, passion discarded in favor of tenderness. When Jared draws back Jensen's hand follows him of its own accord. He pushes a stray lock of hair out of Jared's eyes, a futile attempt, but whenever he wakes up Jensen cannot not touch Jared. As much as Jensen used to despise touching, he needs it now. Touch-starved, Jared calls him sometimes with laughter in his eyes, but the serious tone that lies beneath the amusement he can't hide.

"Happy birthday to you," Jared sing-songs, a huge grin on his face, horribly off-key even with that simple song. "Happy birthday, dear Jensen, happy birthday to you!"

Jared's antics bring, as usual, a smile to Jensen's face. He curls his hand in the soft hair at the nape of Jared's neck and tugs. Jared resists for a moment longer, still grinning down at Jensen before he leans down. Their kiss is slow, deliberate, Jensen licking at Jared's lips until they part.

When their tongues meet, the mood changes. The ever-present spark ignites into a fire that threatens to undo them. It's always been like this between them: what they share is all-consuming, the world around them coming to a stop as it narrows down to nothing but them.

Jared moves, shifts on top of Jensen, his half-hard cock brushing against Jensen's. With a moan Jensen spreads his legs, allowing Jared to settle between them. Jared hums in agreement, never once breaking contact with Jensen's lips. Glued together, they've been called. Ever since the tension between them got channelled into new directions Jared has been intent on showing Jensen just how and where.

Sometimes Jensen still blushes when they get called that.

Jensen runs his hands down Jared's back as Jared kisseslicksbites his way to Jensen's jaw and further to his throat. He nuzzles at the dip between the collarbones. Jensen gives himself over to Jared; trusting him with his heart and his body.

Jared stops, his eyes intense on Jensen as he lifts his head. "Jen," he says, his hands securely wrapped around Jensen's hips. "What do you want?"

"Hmm?" is all Jensen can think of to say. He can't think of anything better than Jared continuing on the path he was on, trailing kisses over Jensen's body and down to Jensen's cock.

"Still asleep?" Jared grins his infectious grin at him, but Jensen's mind is indeed still half-asleep with his downstairs brain in charge.

"Want. You," is all Jensen can say, each word accentuated by a thrust up into Jared. Jared groans, presses back down into him, their hard cocks only separated by two thin layers of fabric. They can't resist; they keep rubbing against each other, needing friction and quick release now more than they can make time for finesse. Their breathing grows erratic, the question driven from their mind as heat surges through them. Jensen licks at what he can reach of Jared's skin, presses his hands into the other man's ass. He can't help it. He needs closeness, needs the feel of Jared on him and against in, and, yes, in him.

"Need you," he grunts. "In me. Now." Jensen spreads his legs wider in invitation.

Jared grunts, holding his movement with obvious effort. "Oh fuck," he says, his eyes closed and the muscles of his jaw tense as he concentrates on getting himself under control. Jensen admires the view, loves the knowledge it's him, himhimhim, who puts that look on Jared's face.

The thought sends a shiver down his spine, and he bucks up into Jared one more time. "Sorry, sorry," he murmurs, knowing what strain he puts on Jared when they're both so close, but really Jensen doesn't care. "Love you," he says before prying Jared's lips open with his own, and finally Jared looks at him.

"Too," Jared manages to sigh between kisses, his body still against Jensen's as they breathe in each other. With them, this moment of rest has never come after; it's what belongs in between, a reassurance for both of them that this is real and much, much more than fucking.

"C'mon," Jensen eventually says, his cock hard and leaking. It's not the prospect of sex that gets him riled up, it's Jared's willingness to share all of himself with Jensen. Trust on both sides.

Jared slides down, leaving a trail of wet kisses down Jensen's chest and stomach. With practised ease he gets off Jensen's boxers, discarding them somewhere in the room, then, after a quick lick up Jensen's length, he pulls off his own underwear.

Jensen admires the view for as long as he can. It's true, he knows this body by heart and hand and tongue, but Jared never fails to be beautiful - never fails to draw Jensen's eyes to him, when he's drunk out of his mind or sleep-deprived or caffeine-high. Beautiful inside and out, Jensen has thought more than once, but never mentioned it. Jared would just laugh in his face teasingly, then call Jensen the same.

Truth is, the two of them are just two big schmoopy guys too much in love with each other, Jensen thinks with an affectionate smile. Then his eyes fall shut and he groans as he feels one slicked finger probing at his entrance. He relaxes, lets the sensation of Jared preparing him wash over him, the smile still lingering at the corners of his mouth.

The next moment Jared hits his prostate, and Jensen hips buck up of their own accord. "Easy," Jared grins at him over the sounds of Jensen's uneven breathing.

"Oh, fuck you," Jensen pants back while pushing down on the two fingers, then three, stretching him.


Jared withdraws his fingers, quickly opens up a condom and lubes himself. He's fast enough that Jensen doesn't get impatient, but it's a close call. "All right?"

Jensen answers by drawing his feet closer to his body, a challenging look on his face. Jared chuckles to himself, then he lines up and pushes in.

Jensen draws in a harsh breath the moment Jared moans deeply. There's still a sting whenever Jared pushes inside, but Jared knows just how long to wait until he can move, knows how to soothe the pain and change it into something else entirely. Their eyes are locked, Jared's paw caressing Jensen's hip until Jensen nods. When Jared begins moving, small thrusts of his hips that keep him deep inside Jensen and still manage to hit the sweet spot of pleasure, Jensen soon feels like a boneless shape in Jared's hands. Too much, too much, the current building up around them; but Jensen knows without a doubt that I've got you, Jen, I've got you. It speaks from Jared's every look, his every touch, his every stroke inside. And Jensen answers in the same manner, seeking the other man's lips blindly, knowing he'll be there.

When they come, moans and breath and tongues entangled, there is nothing but them, them all over. The smell and taste and presence of the other is all that matters, their brains melted and their breathing ragged. Jensen feels like a puddle of goo, his heart pounding and trying to escape his chest. Jared pulls out and throws the used condom in a trash bin, then he crashes against Jensen. They hold onto each other, their hearts fluttering wildly in an attempt to be closer.

"Do I get more birthday presents like this?" Jensen murmurs into Jared's hair.

"Sure," Jared says before he yawns into Jensen's chest. He's always like that: easy and just so sure of them since the day they met that Jensen can't wonder they've ended up where they are. Jared just is the guy who you'll fall for, whether you want to or not.

As if sensing Jensen's thoughts, Jared's hand skims over the still quibbling muscles of Jensen's stomach. "Sleep now."

Jensen grins indulgently, not tired at all. But that's okay with him. He likes watching over Jared's sleep just like Jared does with him.

Without a doubt they belong together.

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