Blue Memories

CW RPS fanfiction by Envinyatar 



Until Late     |     Jared/Jensen     |     R     |     The problem with moving back to L.A. is this: not having Jared around 24/7 is like missing a limb. Jensen feels unbalanced, like he needs to relearn everything he knows to accommodate his loss. But there's a phantom ache that no prosthesis can chase away, acute and unforgettable, and Jensen can't just move on as if everything is going to be all right.     |     Warnings: none     |    ~3,400 words     |     January '09

The Sky Beneath the Dawn   |   Jared/Jensen   |   NC-17   |   It's always been like this between them: what they share is all-consuming, the world around them coming to a stop as it narrows down to nothing but them.   |   Warnings: established relationship   |   ~1,550 words   |   March '08


with Supernatural

Lying Stars   |   Jensen/Sam    |   R   |   Sam lays eyes on Dean after too long. Or at least he thinks that's what he's doing.    |    pre-Supernatural/Stanford era   |   Warnings: none   |   ~1,900 words   |   July '08