Sustainable Business

Have you considered the robustness of your supply chain, products, services and utilities?

We can help you plan your long-term product development to ensure sustainable raw materials and processes are used and that the environmental impact though customer use and disposal is minimised.  
For specific projects we can advise whether there are any opportunities to incorporate environmental improvements or whether there are potential future environmental issues to consider.

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Do you have plans to avoid or mitigate environmental incidents, both on your premises and in neighbouring locations?

Good environmental management can identify process controls or changes  to mitigate,

avoid or reduce your environmental risk.  This can help you reduce insurance costs and avoid fines from polluting discharges.  In these instances the polluter is liable to the entire cost of remediation of the incident.

Richard Ansell has co-written an article in 'The Environmentalist' magazine highlighting the continuing environmental disaster unfolding at Bhopal, India.  Separately from the original gas disaster in 1984, the poor operating practices and lack of clean-up action since is still causing severe health problems in the local population.

Envertis can help you plan to make your company a sustainable business, making an economic contribution while creating a safe and healthy place for your employees, your community and the environment.  We can help you develop a Business Continuity Plan to make you more resilient to unplanned incidents.

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